Wood Stoves Under Fire


Seems the globalists can’t come to an agreement on C02 emissions………so in the meantime they’ll get the ball rolling by going after other emissions.

New front opens in war against global warming

The United States, Canada and Mexico will launch as early as this week a North American initiative to curb hydrofluorocarbons, which are used as industrial refrigerants, along with methane and the black carbon that comes from some diesel engines and wood-fired stoves. And U.N. negotiators in Cancun will press for the adoption of language next week that would ease the way for phasing out HFCs under a separate climate treaty.

Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 30, 2010; 7:28 AM

Many policymakers and business leaders have come to see the most basic method of slowing global warming – cutting carbon dioxide emissions through a binding treaty – as elusive for now. They are turning their attention instead toward a more achievable goal: curbing other greenhouse gases that are warming the planet.

As the annual meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change kicked off Monday in Cancun, Mexico, with the aim of laying the groundwork for a future pact, many experts focused on more immediate cuts in industrial chemicals, soot and methane, all of which contribute to short-term warming.

Rafe Pomerance, a senior fellow at Clean Air-Cool Planet, said a campaign to reduce these non-carbon dioxide emissions “can provide momentum that the world needs on significant greenhouse gas cuts.”

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One thought on “Wood Stoves Under Fire

  1. What luck! Is it merely coincidence that just about everything us peons need to be independent or survive is under attack?

    CO2 (air)

    So, do I got this right? I just listed six things above that are under threat of more control and regulation. Six very key things we need for our survival. What a coinkydince…6 for 6 would make for a good lotto pick. These characters seem to get luccky every time. What’s their secret?

    On a more serious note, if people can’t see the obvious, and that a war has been declared on the public a long time ago, then they’ve been tampered with (i.e. trained not to see). Nice!

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