Anti-NWO Graduation Speech – Erica Goldson

Parks in 1964

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Watch and learn.  All are the voices of young women. Are they the new Rosa Parks? Don’t expect to find these young women sitting at the back of the bus! May they be both an inspiration and a guiding-light to  youth everywhere.

The second video is a video I shot in the spring of 2009. Alex Heck, A young woman who questioned the Global Warming hysteria. She was 15 at the time and took considerable flak both from her teachers and fellow students.  She stayed strong and hosted her own radio show on The Real Public Radio

The third video is by a group of youth called Rock the Facts who expose the truth and ask everyone not to blindly accept what they’re told.

If you know of other youth who took the time to question and have a video, please send and I will post it along with the ones below.

Charlotte Iserbyt explains the deliberate Dumbing Down Process

Human Herding




One thought on “Anti-NWO Graduation Speech – Erica Goldson

  1. One step that must be part of all students thought processes during “school time” is “TO QUESTION AUTHORITY!”

    That is the first step to free thinking, enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
    Try it out and see what opens up for you. The first indication that this is against the wishes of the “hierarchy” is that you will probably get a damn good beating!

    Freedom and Truth is a hard road but when you look back at your life in the dire years of old age, an “honourable one”!

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