Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land


Make this documentary compulsory viewing for every Canadian. The young man who made this documentary deserves the Order of Canada.

People like Suzuki, Maurice Strong, Elizabeth May and many others should give theirs back. Unlike this young man, they are liars, deceivers and eco-fascists who have worked their entire careers with the goal of undermining this great land.

Pay Attention Canada!

Support the Producer of this Independent Documentary

Donate $15.00 and receive a DVD of this important film

Order your copy today

Oh Canada – The Movie


Elizabeth May Green Party Leader Calls Canadians Stupid

David Suzuki Speaks in 1972 People = Maggots

The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant

World Wilderness Congress in 1987

Maurice Strong: Godfather of the international environmental movement


6 thoughts on “Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land

  1. Absolutely! I bought the DVD and I copied the jacket and shared it around and make posters… MOST people would be shocked to know how corrupt the monetary system is … combine that with what politicians are actually doing with our money and we should be non-compliant in every possible way as it is the only way out of this mess … what the politicians are doing is scandalous [see Walter Burien’s “CAFR” comprehensive annual financial reports presentations on youtube] … OUR money should work for us; instead they have used it to grow government and provide money to their crony capitalist friends … THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN if they ever knew that THEY WORK FOR US!!! .. CAN’T say enough about Dan Matthews’ film and Walter Burien’s information being more important than COMER stuff.

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  3. Karen-
    You will never see this movie on TV..Because the Truth will not be televised. You can download from his site or order a DVD for a donation of $15.00
    Time all Canadians get involved in the future of their country. Although Canada is on life support, we can save her if we all work together with renewed determination to rebuild this beautiful land. Don’t count on the media or the politicians!

  4. is this going to be put on TV.. 20/20 or soemthing like that? i would love to watch the whole thing.. my internet is going to max out on me though… so i cannot view the whole thing on the internet… unfortunately.. this guy deserves recognition for telling this story.. very revealing..I thought we were in great shape compared to other countries.. NOT..

  5. Most people in Canada don’t want to see stuff like this because it upsets them and makes reality a bit too hard to handle. They had rather sleep through what’s happening to them and hoping that it will just go away……..”music to the Politician’s ears!”

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