Canadians Waking Up to Earth Hour Scam!

According to the Toronto Star (Propagandist of the “Green Scam”) the GTA saw a power reduction of only 5% during the 2011 Earth Hour. This compares to a drop of 10% last year and a drop of 15% in 2009.

The Star article begins with, “Is Toronto in the dark when it comes to Earth Hour?”

No, Toronto and the rest of Canada are waking up to the scam being promoted by the media.

The Canadian media should hang their collective head for lying to Canadians as they push the “Green Scam.” The media knows the truth but refuse to offer the truth to Canadians.

Hats off to all Canadians who ignored the media and kept their lights on. Next year lets see if we can’t reach 0% drop in power usage during Earth Hour.

Then the headline will likely read……..Thousands of Environmentalists Suffer Strokes.”

Of course that headline would be a lie as well considering the environmental movement is not about the environment.

Suzuki, WWF, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and the rest of the NGO’s  should be treated as Traitors of Canada.

Suzuki, if you and your  kind don’t  like the way we do things in Canada………get out! and take your globalist friends with you. Your mentor Maurice (father of Kyoto) Strong is hiding-out in China. Move there, where they are building 500 coal plants. See if the Chinese put up with your crap. Maybe you could convince the media to go with you, they could work for the Chinese Ministry of Truth.

Before you go…….how about debating me on MMGW!

Didn’t think so…….chicken shit!

I didn’t post anything on Earth Hour this year but here are some of my posts from the past.

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3 thoughts on “Canadians Waking Up to Earth Hour Scam!

  1. agreed…

    I would rather have lit up extra bulbs
    in protest at the coming ban on regular incandescent light bulbs 😉
    – there is no energy shortage for electricity
    justifying telling what paying consumers can use,
    especially since the overall energy savings are less than 1%,
    also from Dept of Energy own statistics ( )

    PS Why the ban is particularly wrong in Canada

  2. WWF and all the other NGO’s that are pushing this AGW LIE and supporting the U.N.’s Agenda 21 must know their days of existence are numbered!

    Knowledge is power and the people have finally awakened. These malicious oligarchs are nothing more than Communists/Nazis intent in destroying Western Society! The last time this happened the boys and gals in Canada picked up their arms and trotted off to the “Old World” to shut them down!… was called the Second World War!!!!!

  3. Ha ha ha!
    Great post. Your readers should also have at it with these idiots over here:

    Another good Canadian also caught onto the scam:

    Making light of the phony Earth Hour

    “All it is, is income and wealth distribution propagated by former Communists and socialists looking for something to do,” he said of the movement.

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