Rare year 1982 video with G. Edward Griffin & Norman Dodds#1

Edward Griffin interviews 83 year old Norman Dodds in the year 1982 in a rare interview that exposes the New World Orders infiltration by large corporations that are merging the USA into a world government(New World Order). He explains the infiltration of banking and the infiltration of the public education system.



5 thoughts on “Rare year 1982 video with G. Edward Griffin & Norman Dodds#1

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  2. This video has been removed from this site as it has from many others………it is a very important documentation and can’t be ignored even though there are powers at work here to try and make it disappear. Go to YouTube and watch it there as it keeps getting re-posted………………….The New World Order is actually the Old World Order and should have been eliminated in 1945 in it’s totality…….unfortunately the “allies” didn’t quite finish the job!

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