wind concerns ontario as controlled opposition

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Note – (You may get your health study once the thousands of wind turbines are erected. It is quite possible that once all the turbines are erected, the govt. will say that there is a danger to health .. Everyone must move off the affected lands into towns and cities, because the govt. cares deeply about your health. One of the core goals of Agenda 21 is to move people into “human settlements” and “re-wild” the rural areas. Sustainability!
So keep on asking for the health study – it will make a future govt. look good………..of course you won’t live in the country any longer. On the bight side – you got your health study and never had to expose the scam………good work!.)

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference part 2

Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference part 3

One thought on “wind concerns ontario as controlled opposition


    To date, Wind Concerns Ontario has successfully halted all offshore wind development until further notice, and its members have won eighty motions of moratorium from municipal councils that represent a combined two million Ontarians.

    If Hudak shat out a golden egg this morning, would ‘lil John Boy take credit for that too?

    $60 bucks per ticket huh? You know whose going to buy these tickets? Everybody who doesn’t count for shit, that’s who!!!
    I bet there’ll be bus loads of farmers just jumping at this opportunity to attend this must see event.

    This event will be full of political hacks, industry reps, choir members, and anti-wind hobbiests. Nothing more. Nothing accomplished. WCO leadership and some of their veteran members have turned this group into a laughing stock. The industry must be pissing their pants at these useful idiots.

    I say save your 60 bucks and use it toward creating a information flier and handing it out in town at your local co-op or something. Tell everyone you hand it out to, “if you participate in this, YOU will have participated in destroying this community”!

    For anyone out there who is serious about stopping IWT’s. Don’t follow any large group. Get a few good people together that you can trust, inform land owners in your area, and chase the wind baggers out of town!
    You cannot pussy foot around with this issue. The stakes are way too high and as far as I know, the industry has NEVER been stopped anywhere using traditional, “politically correct” means.

    And remember, violence is never, ever, ever an option. Just be creative and try to nip things in the bud.

    Yours truly,
    A very pissed off Canadian
    living in rural Ontario

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