Into the Fire – G20 Toronto

Into the Fire by Dan Dicks – Press for Truth

Full movie – Please consider buying a DVD to show support for this movie and its producer. Get your copy at

Enjoy the film –  Disintegration of rights for Canada and its people.


One thought on “Into the Fire – G20 Toronto

  1. This movie shows the lowest point that this great Country has been reduced to, by it’s very own leaders and their actions to sell us out to the Global Elites for a “pound of flesh”!

    The Canadian Veterans who fought for our Freedoms and Our Rights to assemble and freely debate issues in public must be ashamed to have these leaders even foul the streets of Toronto with their foot steps!

    Disgusting isn’t even a harsh enough word to describe these traitorous acts against the Citizens of this country!

    A word of warning for the next “show of force” IF being planned for our country by these same oligarchs! We beat Hitler and his mindless campaign for world domination…….don’t make us come there again!…’ll be bloody sorry!

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