Canadian Politics Exposed

Stephen Harper has his majority government, what now? He stated at the G20 “It’s a loss of Canadian Sovereignty.  The UN wants to head-up a world parliament, which will supersede our sovereignty. How do you feel about this?

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

and watch this movie

Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land

and this movie

Into the Fire – G20 Toronto

Stand and defend your country!

Get out and educate your fellow Canadians.

Time for the sheep to bite back


2 thoughts on “Canadian Politics Exposed

  1. 95% of the Canadian People are honest, Peace Loving and Democratic Caring folks!

    It’s the other 5% that makes one wonder why they are even allowed to live in this beautiful country let alone wield any type of Power?

    We all know who they are so what’s stopping us from getting these people out of Canada?…………………………

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