Canadian Politics Exposed 2


One thought on “Canadian Politics Exposed 2

  1. Good Stuff!
    Believe it or not people we still have a “Democratic and Free Society” within our great country. It is based on the Magna Carta which is LAW and cannot be changed or written out of Law by any Government body, even our very own Parliament!
    The purpose of our Parliament is to oversee the Magna Carta and make sure it is not abused or changed one iota!
    Now this is where our Government has gone completely wrong and is operating “outside the Law of the Land!

    The so-called 1982 “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” that was jammed through Parliament is illegal!

    It cannot replace or override anything written within the Magna Carta and cannot legally be enforced on the Citizens of the Monarchy of Canada!

    Don’t let ANY politician tell you that under the new Bills that go against the Magna Carta such as Bill C36 is legal and has to be honoured by you!

    Do your research, print out the Magna Carta and learn your history. Once you do this you will of course be “as Mad as Hell” and will start demanding that your Rights and Freedoms guaranteed under the Magna Carta be upheld!

    This is the worse thing any Politician can imagine. An informed Public that will see how “treasonous” the activities of their Government has been acting for many many decades now!
    You have it, you own it, now PROTECT it!

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