Farmer George at Walkerton Courthouse

Farmer George speaks about the” legal fiction” from the steps of the Walkerton Ontario traffic court. Canadians have a lot to learn.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 thoughts on “Farmer George at Walkerton Courthouse

  1. the term government is a two word term…. govern (to control) ment (mind)….you are the government….the people whom you refer to as government….as they use the term to identify themselves (delusions of grandeure)….are nothing more than an administrative body….their purpose has been “altered” by decades of legislation that only applies to them when they are on duty….this is why the “legal person” was created….to insulate the liability of the corporate person as insurance from harming or injuring the people (living men and women) in the execution of the duties of their office….WE the people are the government and we have done a very lousy job at holding our administration to account….that is now changed….we ARE holding these people to full accountability for their actions….no man or woman has a right to infringe on the rights and freedoms of another living being….period….the criminal code of canada….a corporate rule book for the people employed by canada….is being wrongfully applied to people out of sheer ignorance….the people are ignorant well as the officers who put their lives at risk by stealing from the public….to unjustly enrich the global elite….wake up to reality….one cannot exist in 2D of paper….it is fiction….comic books are not reality….in the same fashion that the paper identification is not alive….not me….

  2. The “Puppet masters” that are running this “show” from behind the curtain of shadows and lies are GUTLESS! They are spineless, sniveling little gutless dictators that “use” people to enforce their perverted ideals!

    The people who are enforcing this fake governance are mis-informed and are just one story away from becoming these wee little dictators worst nightmare…..I call it the “turning”!

    Turning on the people that have engineered this mass deception of humanity and once the “turning” has begun, there will be no reversal of the “cleansing” of these Dictators.

    The Middle East Uprising should’ve warned them!

    Farmer George’s story is one example of “the wake up call” for the disenfranchised!

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