Post election predictions

Harper majority – NDP official opposition. They work together to push the UN agenda.

Ignatieff resigns and goes to work for UN

Duceppe resigns and goes to work for UN

May stays on as leader of the green party and continues to work for the UN

Canadians Screwed

Vote for Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe or Elizabeth May you have voted for a Traitor of Canada.

All of the above Parties are pushing the Green Agenda/Agenda 21 and with it, the death of the nation-state of Canada.

They also want to set-up a world parliament through the United Nations making the citizens and parliament of Canada subservient to the World Parliament.

That my friends is Treason!

Canadian Involvement in World Parliament

Oh Canada Our Bought and Sold Out Land


One thought on “Post election predictions

  1. One thing we as Canadians First must do is to get our youth INVOLVED, INFORMED and ACTIVE within our Political “system”………………….toi allow ONE man to DICTATE anything to a mass of humanity that will harm that humanity is not only immoral but criminal!

    Nobody in this day and age should allow one single human to harm their friends neighbours or family without a protest!

    I don’t mean an armed protest like we are witnessing in the Middle East but at the very least the first step in bringing this “train wreck” of a Government back on track is a resounding loud and boisterous “NO!” when harmful legislation is passed down from above!

    The Next step is to publicly condemn individuals who are making these decisions in social media sites and “out” them for what they are.

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