Elizabeth May Wins Canada’s First Green Seat

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I don’t normally post emails I receive, but people need to understand what and who are undermining our country. Canadians are so fed-up with their representatives they choose  new ones. I can understand that….but what did you choose as a replacement?


Glad to hear you got rid of Lunn……..but don’t get too excited by the replacement you chose. The Green party is pushing for a World Parliament that will, when given the power, supersede our national govt. Not something anyone should support……not if you believe in Canada.
I encourage everyone to take a serious look at this site and ask why  members of govt., including Elizabeth May, are members of  the UNPA. David Suzuki and Maude Barlow are also members as are many senators. If someone would like to explain to me how this is not High-Treason……I’m all ears.
In both the twitter link and the facebook wall you will notice the World Federalists praising the hard work of Allan Blakeney, who is being recognized as not only a very successful Premier of the province of Saskatchewan, but also one of Canada’s great nation-builders, was also a long-time member of the World Federalist Movement – Canada. He served as the organization’s National President from.

There is only one way stop the loss of our rights and freedoms, land and water theft and retain the sovereignty of Canada——kick the damn UN out!

Post election predictions

Canadian Involvement in World Parliament

direct link to http://en.unpacampaign.org/status/ca.php (this is just one group, there are many more with the same agenda operating within our Borders. We must expose them as the Traitors they are.)
The World Federalist Movement – Canada has surveyed five major Canadian political parties on foreign policy… http://fb.me/MkJg6g8c

Good morning Elizabeth.
I told you on Sunday you could do it.
However I heard that you thanked CFAX and the local media for their part in this victory. I was working so did not hear it myself.
This is like thanking the makers of the Titanic for building such an unsinkable ship.
The media have treated you as a novelty and would have been just as happy to dance on your grave, so to speak, in the event that you had lost.
The reason you won, plain and simple is that the people of SGI have been looking for a way to rid themselves of Lunn for years, and you were that way. 
Hard work- yes, long campaign- yes, presence in the riding – yes,  name recognition – yes, Green leader in a green riding – yes,  independent and small paper support – yes, but main stream media support – NO.
CFAX has been and will contiue to be a corporate toadie, walking hand in hand with the CPC and Chamber of Commerce concept of corporate government, and now you may well find it much more difficult to get their attention.
I wish you luck in that anyway as you are just stubborn enough to try and force their hand. 
Do not try to talk to Joe Easingwood about Chem trails though , he will just cut you off as he does everyone else.
In the next election I will be 75 but don’t count me out in challenging you then.
Enough, enjoy your victory and thank you for helping us get rid of Lunn, who I assume will be a senator in a week or so.
Have fun in Ottawa.


Elizabeth May Green Party Leader Calls Canadians Stupid


One thought on “Elizabeth May Wins Canada’s First Green Seat

  1. Here’s a NOTICE TO ALL CANADIANS!: it’s time to begin to QUESTION the actions and comments of all the Politicians who you just elected!

    Instead of feeling that WE THE PEOPLE need to be watched and questioned by Politicians it is time WE change our thinking and begin to hold these politicians responsible for their actions, their expenses, their legislation and above all, their relationships with other groups and countries!

    WE pay their salaries and believe it or not THEY WORK FOR US!!!!!

    They must report to US! They must act on OUR BEHALF!

    WE are their BOSSES, not the other way around and WE don’t need to be MANAGED, THEY do!

    Now once you get your head around this fundamental fact then you are well on your way to taking back control of YOUR country and YOUR destiny!!!!

    Question Authority at all levels, it’s a start!!!!!

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