Homes bought by wind company at Ripley wind farm


Mitch Twolan, Huron-Kinloss mayor,  forced several owners to vacate their cottages built-in the late fifties – early sixties, without cause (Agenda 21/Wildlands Project)

When I confronted Carmen Krogh of Wind Vigilance and Dave Colling of WCO and the Inter-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, at a wind meeting in the same area and asked, “when are you going to start telling people the truth?” They hung their heads in silence and offered no response.

Now Colling is telling everyone who has property in a proposed wind farm to   Sell!

That should make it easier for the wind companies.

These people ain’t working for who they say they are working for.

WCO = controlled opposition!

David Colling, a Ripley-area resident and citizen member on the Inter-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group, said he will be interested to see at what price the homes are listed at when they go back on the market. He said he has received a number of phone calls from residents living in areas where wind projects are slated to be developed.

“People call me and ask, ‘What should I do?’” he said. “I say sell and leave now before you lose the value of your home.”

His statement just destroyed your property value!

Kincardine Independent

Wind Concerns is Controlled Opposition


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