Smart Growth is Agenda 21

Smart Growth and sustainability are cover words for Agenda 21. Agenda 21 will destroy our countries and with it the lives of the children, Our elected officials are traitors to both our countries and humanity. They strive for world tyranny.
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8 thoughts on “Smart Growth is Agenda 21

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    • As people become “wise” to just what the United Nations Agenda 21 is all about…other names and buzz words such as “Smart Growth” and “Sustainable Development” are used to disguise the programs. Cities see the govenrment programs solely as grants to help their businesses and once they sign-on discover the massive regulations in the fine print. Private land ownership will become a thing of the past as government takes small farms and turns them into large apartment complexes for low-income dwellers. It’s all about redistribution of wealth and government control of all life on our planet. Protecting our Earth is important, of course, but with reason and compromise…not taking personal responsibility away from individuals and their communities…and putting it solely in the hands of an all-powerful government. Thomas Jefferson said: “A government big enough to give us everything … is big enough to take everything…”. This is Agenda 21…but research it…it’s much, much more.

    • Right, and when you really get into researching it you see conflicts…such as Obama’s support of genetically engineered produce using seeds that won’t produce viable seeds – how is that part of being “Earth-friendly” and “sustainable”? They make their programs sound natural and organic…which was how we bought into the idea of getting back to nature and living healthy lives…until realizing the twisted overall concept of Agenda 21. Now we only buy “Heirloom” seeds for our garden where we can collect the seeds and replant next year – which would be all about individuals in charge of their lives – part of being independent. Under Agenda 21 the government controls every aspect of life on Earth and we all become totally dependent on the government….like mice in cages.

      Note: We’ve heard that George Soros is buying up supplies of Heirloom (non-GMO) seeds from the big suppliers – now, why would he do that? hummm

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  5. These “leaders” think that by re-naming” their plans into a “warm and fuzzy” description will make everyone accept their plans more readily without dissent!
    Maybe 20 to 30 years ago these tactics would have worked but not today!
    People have become “informed” and against the wishes of the U.N. elites, people are now “politically awake!”
    The internet has allowed some “truths” to be publicised unlike the days of the Rio Summit where a group of power hungry world leaders came up with a plan to basically take control of the world’s Governments by one single group of unelected Governors all assembled into one location called the United Nations!
    Ever wonder why all these people who are pushing Agenda 21 are white haired, well over their “past due date” and seemingly eager for this plan to be implemented sooner than later?
    It’s because they are all near “death’s door” and have nothing to lose now by pushing an insane agenda that will enslave billions well after their days are done on this Planet!
    I say “hurry up Grim Reaper”………”you’ve got a lot of work to be done to save us from these fools!”

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