Vote on October 6th – Ontario Provincial Election 2011

Before you vote on October 6th, understand the real Agenda of the PC’s Liberals NDP and Green Party. The Agenda is to implement UN Agenda 21. Sustainable Development is Agenda 21. Why has no party or candidate told you this? Because if you knew the real Agenda behind Sustainable Development you might be out looking for some rope instead of a pen to mark your ballot.


5 thoughts on “Vote on October 6th – Ontario Provincial Election 2011

  1. When Political parties all resemble each other and there is no clear choice between them then one can assume that there is literally no more Democracy left in that country. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to ask that next question: “What the hell has happened to us?”
    There are lots of excuses to explain what has happened but the most appropriate answer is out and out “APATHY”………….

    Now that we have basically reached this low point in “lack of honest leadership in Ontario I would suggest that you look “inward” at your own small community and begin to take control over your own small environment first by talking with neighbours, family and fellow community members. Organize small functional groups of concerned citizens to start addressing short comings at your local Municipal Council. Remember, your councilors can’t “run and hide” from you like their gutless Provincial counterparts. They have to see you, listen to you and constantly cross paths with you in daily affairs. Make their lives miserable if they don’t represent you honestly, and on the other hand congratulate them on positive achievements.

    It all starts at the bottom and if by some “stretch of the imagination” this actually does start in Ontario, you will find that this decisive action will start to influence the next level of Government, eventually.

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    • Vote for an independent. I’m discouraging people from voting, but the voter must understand a vote for PC, Liberal, NDP or Green is a vote for Agenda 21.
      So, please vote, but vote for an independent.
      No independent in your riding?
      No problem –
      Vote for the wino who lives under the bridge- I’m serious, write it on the ballot.

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