Wind chill blows across rural Ontario

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Editor: The scam against property owners, threatened by a wind turbine near their home continues from all sides of the political spectrum including groups supposedly fighting wind farms.

Wind farms are part of a bigger plan known to most as Sustainable Development or UN Agenda 21. The idea that somehow voting for Conservatives in the Oct 6th election will change things is foolish if not downright deceptive.

All political parties are pushing Sustainable Development/UN Agenda 21 which includes the installation of wind farms, originally brought to us by the Conservative Party.

So, if you think wind farms will stop because of the Liberal minority, you haven’t been paying attention.

Listen closely to PC candidate office admitting all parties are pushing UN Agenda 21, by clicking link below.

Vote on October 6th – Ontario Provincial Election 2011

Then ask yourself “What’s really going on” Those who say they are fighting against wind farms on your behalf never mention the real driver behind the program? Why is that do you suppose?


Wind chill blows across rural Ontario  

Credit:  By PAUL JANKOWSKI, SUN TIMES STAFF, 11 October 2011 ~~

The Liberals dogged loyalty to Premier Dalton McGuinty’s green energy policies cost the party their majority in last week’s election, according to some high-profile local opponents to industrial wind turbines.

“When you look at the province it’s a huge blue (Progressive Conservative) area with a couple of big cities that have enough Liberals to get elected. It’s pretty obvious those people aren’t affected and didn’t take interest in the industrial wind turbine problems. Yet if you look at the country ridings, you start knocking off the minister of agriculture, the minister of the environment, it’s pretty obvious there’s a problem. I hope the government has a look at that,” Mark Davis, the deputy-mayor of Arran-Elderslie and the leading opponent to wind farms on his municipality council, said in a weekend interview.

Lorrie Gillis, a Flesherton-area activist, said she heard “over and over again” during the election campaign people say “I don’t normally vote PC but on this issue I’m going to.”

Gillis and Davis aren’t alone in their assessment of the impact of Liberal energy policies on the outcome of the election.



2 thoughts on “Wind chill blows across rural Ontario

  1. Just go back less than 20 years and you’ll find that the NDP started this mess with the de-nationalization (i.e. privatization) of Ontario Hydro. Bob Rae’s brother John was a director at Power Corp while Bob was Premier and low-n-behold the UN agent Mr. Maurice Strong takes the helm of the largest nationalized power generator in North America (Dewar, Cloak of Green, pg. 413-414). Not quite sure of the true mandate, but the outcome is obvious. Hand over what once was affordable legacy energy generation to the UN and its massive corporate backers and you have what we’re witnessing today…a useless, expensive, unreliable, un-needed, prehistoric, land grabbing, nauseating, sporadic, detrimental form of energy generation that causes havoc on the grid and is often exported to the US for pennies on the dollar; while the same multi-national corps profit immensely from generous tax-payer subsides and again cash in on the Cap ‘n Trade / Carbon Credit scam.

    And now, we’re being boxed in by massive turbines eventually making rural Ontario uninviting and uninhabitable for humanity.

    Fits in nicely with Agenda 21 doesn’t it? At the same time this generation of youth growing up right now is being indoctrinated within our school system and far-reaching media to accept this fate as a new normalcy.

    Lastly, I’ll leave you with this from the H.G. Wells short story, When the Sleeper Wakes:

    Wells used a technique called predictive programming which softens the blow of change to the public by implanting new ideas into fictional works so that people will accept what the leaders want. People will see the “New Way” as wanted or inevitable.

    “When The Sleeper Wakes” is the story of a man who has been in a coma for two hundred years and when he wakes he is then shown all the different aspects of the future world. The main energy souces are wind wheels and water.

    Everywhere Graham, the protagonist, goes there are these wind “vanes.” People live in dense cities with moving walkways and the country side is used only for food and energy production. No one lives there, only workers operating the machines who arrive via massive highways. On every hill are the wind vanes. Water is drained from the rivers and pulled from the sea. The most important public company is called the “Wind Vane and Waterfall Trust”

    Here are some eye-opening excerpts:

    …”the Wind Vane and Waterfall Trust, the great company that owned every wind wheel and waterfall in the world, which pumped all the water and supplied all the electricity that people in these latter days required.”

    “He saw he had come out upon the roof of the vast city structure which had replaced the miscellaneous houses, streets and open spaces of Victorian London. The place upon which he stood was level, with huge, serpentine cables lying athwart in every direction. The circular wheels of a number of windmills loomed indistinct and gigantic through the darkness and snowfall, and roared with varying loudness as the fitful wind rose and fell.”

    “The whole of Downs escarpment, so far as the grey haze permitted him to see, was set with wind-wheels to which the largest of the city was but a younger brother. They stirred with a stately motion before the southwest wind And here and there were patches dotted with the sheep of the British Food Trust…then came the Wealdon Heights, the line of Hindhead, Pitch Hill, and Leith Hill, with a second row of wind-wheels that seemed striving to rob the downland whirlers of their share of the breeze.”

    “Far away, spiked, jagged and indented by the wind vanes, the Surry Hills rose blue and faint; to the north and nearer, the sharp contours of HIghgate and Muswell Hill were similarly jagged. And all over the countryside, he knew, on every crest and hill, where once the hedges had interlaced, and cottages, churches, inns, and farmhouses had nestled among their trees, wind wheels similar to those he saw and bearing like them vast advertisements, gaunt and distinctive symbols of the New Age, cast their whirling shadows and stored incessantly the energy that flowed away incessantly through all the arteries of the city. And underneath these wandered the countless flocks of the British Food Trust with their lonely guards and keepers.
    Not a familiar outline anywhere broke the cluster of gigantic shapes below…The Thames, too, made no fall and gleam of silver to break the wilderness of the city; the thirsty water mains drank up every drop of its waters before they reached the walls. Its bed and estuary, scoured and sunken, was now a canal of sea water.”

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how people look to “politicians” for help against decisions made by other “politicians”! Until a “politician appears on the scene that actually works FOR his electorate, represents the PEOPLE that elected and pay him/her to perform their duties, then expect NOTHING in the way of assistance in your plight!
    Wind is a great example of so much Fluff and BS when being discussed in political circles that one soon goes away feeling they are inside a food blender with no “off switch”!
    It is very very clear. Wind Turbines don’t work. Wind Turbines make people sick that are close to them. Wind Turbines cost too much. Wind Turbines destroy lands and property values. Wind Turbines are not Green!
    So what’s to debate? Unless the people take it onto themselves to remove these monstrosities and I mean that literally, nothing will help them! Specially not a politician. We live in a Tyranny!

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