Occupy Canada – Toronto Vancouver Calgary

by John Conner

Below are some films exposing corruption within the Canadian government and banking system. In order to find solutions Canadians must first understand how we got to this point, this is a dangerous point in our history. If the people don’t educate themselves on what is going on they will choose the solution presented to them by the very perpetrators doing this to them.

If you already know this information and agree, you can help by spreading the word online via facebook, re-upload to you tube, twitter, email or if you’d like to do some street activism I recommend making copies of these films and get them out to everyone, also there is a poster here

download and print this poster–> you can print off and post around

What is Agenda 21 and all this talk of “sustainable development” we hear in our Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels of government?


One thought on “Occupy Canada – Toronto Vancouver Calgary

  1. This Occupy movement “could” be a game changer IF the people in the street are informed about the real problems of Government control and Financial thievery that is going on today. Unfortunately when one sees Greenpeace front and centre at the NYC Occupy site and sees David Suzuki quacking off at the crowds in Occupy Vancouver, then one can only come to the conclusion that this will be nothing more than the “same old same old Controlled Opposition!”

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