Truth about Libya – lizzy phelan tells it like it is


After you watch this video, be sure to click on “The UN deception-Freedom or Fascism” to watch an eye-opening documentary.

The UN Deception – Freedom or Fascism

The élite created the United Nations to bring about “One World Gov” which is “World Tyranny.” NATO was created as the world police force of the élite. The IMF & WB were created to destroy the sovereignty of nations via debt. Gadaffi didn’t want to play ball, so Libya was destroyed. “All will enter the New World – peacefully or otherwise.” Libya is a case of otherwise. Fuck the United Nations and all who partnered with  it.


4 thoughts on “Truth about Libya – lizzy phelan tells it like it is

  1. Ahhh………………..the “fog of war” continues to this day!………………..nothing IS as it seems…………..only people who want to know the TRUTH will know who the real threat is to our survival. When people rely on mainstream media for their information, then all is lost. Question authority, and the most important to remember…………there is always some truth in either side of an argument and the truth lies mainly in the middle!!!!!

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