Michael Schmidt Placed on Probation and Fined for Raw Milk


Michael Schmidt, raw milk advocate, sentenced today at the Ontario Provincial Court in Newmarket.

His sentence, one year probation and a fine of $9,150.00. I’m not sure what the terms of his probation are at this time, nor can I see any justification for the fine or the amount. Surely this “raw milk” fiasco has cost the taxpayer millions over the years. To what end or benefit has not been made clear either by the gov. or the court.

Mr. Schmidt has endured years of harassment by the Ontario gov., including a raid on his farm in 2006 by armed agents.

This is not about “harm” because there wasn’t any. No, this is about control of your property, “your body” of which the gov seems to think it owns. It does not. The gov does not have authority to decide what you ingest.

Therefore, Michael Schmidt’s “raw milk” campaign is not so much about whether “raw milk products” are safe, but about your rights as a private person.

I hope everyone continues their support of Michael and his work and in the end, may the people of Ontario and Canada learn from Michael’s example.

If you don’t stand for what’s right – you stand for nothing.

A sad legacy to pass to your children and grandchildren, indeed.

Michael Schmidt, “Raw Milk Advocate”

Canada Live welcomes Michael Schmidt, “Raw Milk Advocate” He joins us this evening to discuss his work. Michael has worked tirelessly in his continued effort to have the Gov. of Ontario recognize “unpasteurized” milk products as an… more

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3 thoughts on “Michael Schmidt Placed on Probation and Fined for Raw Milk

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  2. Canada is the ONLY country in the G8 to NOT allow unpasteurized milk to be sold and drank. WTF? Why is this man being persecuted? Because he is offering a product that has been ruled “illegal” by an out dated law? NO! He is being persecuted by the authorities because he is showing the world how GD stupid and tyrannical the politicians are here in CANADA!
    This man represents what every single TRUE Canadian should be: “On Guard For Thee!

  3. Damn straight!
    As a kid I used to hay in the late summers.
    Big breakfasts, big lunches, and big dinners.
    Sweet milk, right out of the cow as nature intended.
    The whole idea behind Paturization was preservation to reduce
    bacteria. Tell McGuinty to add a dose of chlorine to his
    Special K in the morning but to leave us purists alone.
    Jeezus H! A hundred years ago unpasturized milk kept people
    from starving in this area.
    I smell another tax grab!!!

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