Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper


2 thoughts on “Stephen Harper

  1. There is no denying Stephen Harper’s comments at the G20 when says “we must give up some of our Sovereignty”…………………. absolutely not ONE single mainstream media outlet ever published this “cut” in his speech so then they must also be held “culpable” in the “sell out” of Canada!
    How many of our brave Fathers and Mothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the last two World Wars would now be “turning in their graves” if they ever knew that OUR very own PM just gave away our Sovereignty because he was surrounded by a large room full of Euro trash who were being wined and dined on OUR tax dollars to the amount of 1.1 Billion Dollars.

    That would feed a lot of poor kids and create a lot of homes for the less advantaged here in Canada!

    Canada is in some serious serious trouble and if people don’t Wake Up to the fact that they have been “sold out” then they deserve the future awaiting them!……it ain’t goin’ ta be pretty folks!!!!!

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