Overpopulation Myth Buster

A  set of 15 questions to test your knowledge of population facts. Click on the pic to go to the game. Have fun and be sure to send to your friends so they can test their knowledge. Overpopulation like MMGW is a propagandized fraud designed to con you into giving up your rights and the sovereignty of your country. The environmental movement has always been a front for the eugenics movement.
There are approximately 7 billion people in the world and there is 2.97 million square miles of land in the Island continent of Australia. 2.97 million square miles breaks down to 1 billion, 900 million, 800,000 acres which then converts down to 7,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks of land. So we could hypothetically give every person in the world a quarter acre block of land and they would all fit into an area the size of australia, each would have enough land that they could all have gardens and grow a substantial supply of their own food, and we would still have 1,603,200,000 quarter acre blocks, or an area roughly half the size of queensland left over – plus the entire rest of the world.

Now just pause to let that sink in to your brain for a second.

ALL the people, thats every man woman and child on earth would comfortably fit inside australia, each individual person could have a quarter acre block of land and we would still have half of queensland and the entire rest of the planet left totally unoccupied

The world is not over populated at all. Its just very badly managed – absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this bad management is intentional, and it is methodical.


6 thoughts on “Overpopulation Myth Buster

  1. There are too many people and the strain is showing in wars centering in the middle east where oil keeps them alive. A few date and fig farms is all I saw when I worked in Saudi. Out-migration of millions to Europe, mostly men escaping war, to end up in secured no-go zones…Floods of people willing to die to cross into the us and live illegally. America’s using Russia as an excuse to hide what they have done. We are getting on each other’s nerves and moving toward violence to stay alive. One little twitch of sanity or a mid-sized epidemic or disaster and we will be on each other in an instant. If you think the incident son black Friday over toasters and tv’s is bad, wait till the shelves are running out of food.

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  3. Um, yeah, right. A ‘quarter acre’, for those of us not still stuck in the 1960s, is pretty much a tenth of a hectare, or 40 by 25 metres, or your property and two or three of your neighbours’ if you live in average suburbia. That’s an amazing amount of space if you just need a big house and a swimming pool and space for your dog to run around, but do you really think you can sustainably grow all the food you need in that space? Produce the energy you need? Get all the raw materials you consume, and assemble them so they’re useful for you? And while you let *that* sink in your brain (it won’t hurt, I promise), consider this is before you even put any transport infrastructure in place. And don’t forget, the vast majority of Australia’s land—and most of the rest of the world’s—is unsuitable for any of these things.

    Anyhow, humans need a lot more than just land to survive… little things like fresh water help, and clean air.

    This doesn’t bust any myth at all. It just shows how ignorant some people are.

    Next question: if land mismanagement is intentional, whose intent is it? That of a mass Eugenic conspiracy? I’ll say this much: that’s the most original claptrap I’ve heard in a while!

    • Look at it as exercise in logic. Something “greens” seem to lack. The point is, everyone on the Planet could have 1/4 acre, a full acre per family of four, on a land mass the size of Australia, leaving the rest of the Planet devoid of humans.
      The point is, the earth is not overpopulated…period, end of subject.
      You have either been suckered by the propaganda, or your a facilitator of it.
      Either way, re-read your comment……I think you’ll see you said nothing of any value.
      Your condescending tone leads one to believe your are “green facilitator,” and if so, a threat to sovereign nations and probably humanity itself.

      Take care!

  4. Thankyou for this…I have been encouraging people for years to ‘do the math’ on the birth and death rates as posted on the UN site…they just dont add up to ‘over population’
    Have a peaceful 2012

  5. Wow…that was so much fun!!!!!!!!!………..I was left with the feeling that England should eliminate at least 3/4 of it’s humans so the rest can live in pleasure and peace…………….I guess that was the idea eh?…………and of course only the pure bred aristocrats should be allowed to be part of the living eh?…….along with all the millionaires and billionaires of course!………….so now can I join the United Nations or David Suzuki’s Foundation now that I’m a true blue “EUGENICIST”?

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