Stephen Harper Rio +20

Stephen Harper with face paint on showing his support for the globalist agenda.

I know the World Leaders/Traitors want to put their best face forward as they attempt to usher in world tyranny….So… if you’ve got an idea for face paint Harper or your favorite Leader/Traitor might wear?  Send it and I’ll post it.

Traitor-”One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust”


2 thoughts on “Stephen Harper Rio +20

  1. This is too REAL for most people to even contemplate!……REALITY is only for very brave and strong people who have a grasp on the big picture!………… most politicians would say:…….”it’s not about what LIES we tell the common people…………’s about what the common people will “BELIEVE”!
    As individuals we can’t struggle to stop the psychopaths that envision a Global Governance but WE CAN influence our own small corner of the world starting with our own elected Municipal leaders who can’t “hide” like the Lizards at the U.N. level behind a curtain of Bullshit!

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