Albert Burgess A Case For Treason

Albert Burgess a retired police officer from Britain explains the Treason taking place in his country and the failure of Police to investigate and lay charges against those involved.



2 thoughts on “Albert Burgess A Case For Treason

  1. global communitarian policing .. as per their ‘agenda’ .. the police are well aware .. ABCD [asset based community development] .. Ron man .. you gotta read Niki Raapana’s book .. and get on with it all .. “2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto” she wrote with her daughter Nordica Friedrich .. yes.. the agenda is about ‘resource management’ including us .. and its being introduced as ‘Big Society’ in the UK and here ‘Community Policing’ . . . ACL Books, a small Alaskan printing press .. you can expose what they do in your town/city .. but people are useful minions in many cases… and not even paid .. they are volunteerism minded .. and its a snitch society / green society .. its gonna be shiny .. I love Niki’s blog .. .. you must have heard of this stuff.. and you must had heard of Amitai Etzioni by now.

  2. Almost a complete takeover of our Country by traitors and criminals, BUT the few that follow this miscreants have opened up this black box of deceit by way of the Internet and the people of the world are becoming informed!
    Sad news for these foul “blighter’s”!

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