Jessica Annis Urban Planner Speaks Out on Canada Live

Jessica Annis, Operation Pushback Canada, joins Ron and John on Canada Live to discuss land/water and environmental planning in Ontario The discussion spans the subjects of Private Property Rights, Water, Land Use and Agenda 21.

Jessica Lauren Annis, BURPl, MCIP, RPP

Jessica Lauren Annis, founder of Operation Pushback, has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning with Honours from Ryerson University, where she earned a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.05. Jessica is a Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and is a Registered Professional Planner in Ontario.

Jessica is familiar with the resulting economic harm that is being inflicted on the competitive, productive class in general and the disproportionate regulatory burden being imposed on individuals and SMEs in particular.

Jessica understands the “big picture” and has decided to speak out.


4 thoughts on “Jessica Annis Urban Planner Speaks Out on Canada Live

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  3. This “should” open people’s eyes about what is going on behind their backs inside their respective Councils. At the very least WE have a right to not only “question” these people’s activities but DEMAND that our tax dollars are used for the better good, not to support the few who have nothing but “malice aforethought” towards US!

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