Government To Seize Man’s Land For Frog Habitat

by Ron Stephens

UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development in action in Louisiana.  It’s time to kick all who support this insanity out of our countries. If they won’t go………there’s always jail. We can’t continue to allow these lunatics to run amok in our nations. Get out or go to jail for crimes against the human race….the real endangered species.


3 thoughts on “Government To Seize Man’s Land For Frog Habitat

  1. Forget Louisiana, it’s happening right here in Ontario! In the Algonquin Park area the MNR and MOE have designated any logging areas where the Wood Turtle is found, logging must cease immediately and the MNR is to be called in to remove it before any logging continues! In essence any logger who “sees” one of these turtles either abides by this stupid edict or get’s a better idea: Kill the F’n thing and bury it real quick and carry on trying to make a buck to feed his family and pay his taxes so these pencil dick bureaucrats can getting paid to screw up Ontario’s economy!
    I heard from one logger who actually had to drive 80 kms. out of his way with his logs so he wouldn’t travel down a logging road which is used as a “turtle crossing” once in a while whenever that turtle decide to go have a crap on the other side of the road!
    In my opinion, the only “endangered species” today are humans!

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