Zeitgeist Addendum And The United Nations


One may wonder, why make this film exposing these shills? With millions around the world still being misled by these scumbags, it is worth the hassle. It is not my intent to have you follow me or anyone else, following some “movement” is what gets us into these predicaments in the first place. Break your conditioning, think and act for yourself, not some hive Borg collective giving you all the solutions to your problems. Zeitgeist / The Venus Project is sustainable development and is UN Agenda 21 AKA the Brundtland Report , Our Common Future.



2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Addendum And The United Nations

  1. I did think for myself..i watched the movie and, myself, decided they had great ideas…. Over time I have become aware of other information and I do believe money ties humanity down WAY too much. Zeitgeist did actually warn about the corrupt world government being put into place and there are many other groups fighting the world government idea… I am against Agenda 21, for instance. It is being used to set up controls on people and used also to take over land from peoples, controls on food, water, etc Even if global warming exists, Agenda 21 is not what it seems. Many atrocities will be committed by the top elites pushing it. As for the United Nations, it was set up by corrupt elites to slowly force control around the world and the noose is being quickly tightened now. Massive loss of human rights and unnecessary deaths. Watch The Money Masters… it explains this. Do you really think if it meant a loss of profits, those in power would allow people to live their lives using unprofitable technologies? Zeitgeist aside, there are MANY solutions science and technology has come up with, much has been hidden. God, they won’t even let us know if our food has been genetically altered so we can’t even make the choice to eat “natural” or frankenfoods! And now Bill Gates wants to GM mosquitoes to vaccinate people whether they want it or not! You’d think if the UN was really worried about saving the planet they’d stop companies like Monsanto from creating GMOs that can wreak havoc on the environment!! I know this seems against science and tech, the thing is…. if we stop using the scientific knowledge and tech developed just to make profits at the expense of people and the planet we could do wonders with it. Like NOT using cellphones, SMART tech, etc to spy on people. Like not developing biological weapons using GMO foods (or forcing vaccines through frankensquitoes), like letting people develop their own power sources, vehicles, etc and not hiding those technologies, like finding cures for diseases and making them available instead of hiding them. (ie cancer). First we have too get the dicks out of power that are using our countries, our communities, etc as their personal playgrounds OUT OF POWER!! We don’t NEED a world government or world economy to do that, we just have to stop putting up with their crap!!!

    I am not sure if I agree with all the solutions the Zeitgeist group believe in, I think until we get the corrupt elites out of all government, monetary systems, health care, business, etc we can never have a system work because they’ll just manipulate whatever is set up. Whatever system would work for ANY society or any country will only work once the corrupt elites are removed from power. So whether Zeitgeit is right or wrong we’ll not know, whether capitalism or communism or any other system could work or not, we’ll not know for certain unless we remove the power these corrupt top elite bastards have over them. They take the good intentions of people and twist them, lie, manipulate to their own ends and the result is terrible suffering. I don’t want people hurt, I don’t want people’s rights and freedoms taken away. I don’t want people lied to, brainwashed or controlled. I have been trying to figure out what is truth and what is lies. I have been looking at alot of groups who are reporting news and trying to make sense of what is happening in the world. It doesn’t look good. It’s also a confusing jumble. Just like my post. Sigh

  2. Wanna know how to tell if a person is “insane” very quickly? As soon as you hear ANYONE anywhere or at any time state in their conversation ….”here’s how ‘we’ should act ‘GLOBALLY”, then that person is insane!
    Why?………because they are actually believing that they are GOD or would like to be GOD-LIKE! Egotistical meglomaniacs who actually think they know what’s good for 8 billion people!
    Absolute “hogwash” and ignorance all wrapped up into one individual. These types of people actually appear to be the perfect individuals and dress accordingly but once you dig below the surface of these “granola eating assholes” you find a very confused, deviated individual who couldn’t tie their own shoe laces without an instruction manual.
    So the next time you hear some pontificating, bullshitting individual who thinks they know what the world really needs, either slap them along side their head or just pin a sign on their back saying: “kick me……I’m an asshole!”

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