Montreal Couple Threatened by Gov. For Growing Front Yard Garden

Ron Stephens

All municipal governments in Canada are guilty of pushing UN Agenda 21 on it’s citizens. This is treason and a breach of trust. People vote in municipal elections expecting local representation. Unfortunately, your municipal government does not represent you. Your local government is at the dictate of upper-level government/corporations and do their bidding. Therefore, your local council does not and cannot represent you at the local level.

So, regardless of what your “local representatives” told you during the election process, they don’t represent you. This is a fact.

Local level government, like all levels of government in Canada, is a corporation, beholding to upper-tier government/corporate power. When you cast your vote, you didn’t vote for local representation, you voted for a CEO of a corporation, fraudulently acting as Mayor. The mayor and councillors are officers of a corporation, not your representatives. This is a fact.

What is the goal?

World Government and the demise of the Nation State.

Using Agenda 21/Sustainable development as it’s driver, a world government/corporation is being implemented from the local level. This is Treason.

Unfortunately, few wish to see or believe this reality which is unfolding in every community across Canada and other Western Nations.

Heather Callaghan

People are hungry, economies everywhere are tanking. The answer to that problem used to be “do what you can on your own.” In America, it was the now iconic Victory Gardens. In Montreal, Canada there is a move to defeat such self-reliance.

For some strange reason, helping yourself is the very last thing the governments in both the U.S. and Canada will “allow” you to do; not even on your own land. Stranger still, it is the lower-rung, local governments that show up in news stories extinguishing property rights in the name of almighty municipal code.

Josée Landry and partner Michel Beauchamp decided to start an urban garden for both economic and health reasons, and they even have documented its progress via their family blog since its beginning. They proudly gave their new passion a name – Rosa – in memory of civil rights icon, Rosa Parks, who refused to take her place as ordered by the tyrannical bureaucracy of the day.

Now it seems that they find themselves forced to take a stand for another basic civil right: food freedom. Instead of allowing this garden to flourish and nourish, local officials in Canada now want to make any new front yard gardens completely illegal by autumn, along with uprooting Rosa.

The crackdown on home gardening has been marching across the first world at a rapid pace of late.  In the U.S. we have seen a woman threatened with jail for 93 days for front yard tomatoes and a Tulsa, OK woman sued after coming home to find her yard full of herbal remedies and vegetation ripped up and taken. Oftentimes, it’s a power play, and only when enough negative attention is garnered, do the code enforcers back down, usually citing their targets for some other minor infraction.


3 thoughts on “Montreal Couple Threatened by Gov. For Growing Front Yard Garden

  1. I love to post that one into the community garden asking “communism gardens are good then” and homeowner gardens are “bad” .. the article highlights the overall problem of people submitting to ridiculous by-laws…. and I mean the enforcers when I say that … obviously these people aren’t breaking the law, and if they are gardeners the chances are they share their produce.. which is a beautiful thing… that’s one of the reasons I had to boycott our local farmer’s market because they are such obvious shills for C.S.A. and organic snobbery not to mention their desire to push their crap down everyone’s throat like the climate gate bull and ‘like’ of the David Suzuki page I said ‘no’ with my money to them..

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  3. Anyone who enters your yard to remove your food should be charged with theft and locked up regardless of what badge they wear……to steal someone’s food is on a par with stealing one’s horse and not too long ago people were HUNG for that one!

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