Spider Halts Highway Project in Texas

Re-posted from johnconner1984

A highway project in San Antonio has been halted because of a rare spider considered to be endangered. An environmental consultant made the discovery.

This is just another example of UN Agenda 21 in action. It reminds me of the man made drought due to a supposedly rare 2″ smelt fish that destroyed orchards in California.    It also reminds me of the spotted owl sighting that shut down water to a town in Tombstone Arizona.

When will people realize this environmentalism is being used in a authoritarian manner to restrict your resources , right to travel , and property rights.

The UN and the hundreds of NGO tentacles are constantly ramming this type of nonsense down our throat.  It is time to end this Sustainability Mafia Crime Syndicate that has infiltrated town and city councils around the world.  The sustainability crime syndicate has also infiltrated Federal , State , and Provincial governments around the world.

They have infiltrated  our schools to indoctrinate the youth, which is why I have no sympathy for the recent striking teachers for they are partaking in child abuse and have turned the  schools into UN sustainable indoctrination facilities.

The Sustainability crime family has hijacked the main stream and alternative media. They are involved in scamming and controlling various industries though safety and environmental regulations such as construction, manufacturing, mining,  transportation, agriculture, electricity , petroleum, and many more.


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