Justin Trudeau – just another Globalist minion

Canada Live Sept 30 2012

The Green Police shut down Toronto community garden, Canada and U.S. Department of Homeland Security launch project to strengthen border security , Woman gets $81 ticket for parking car with windows down in BC , Justin Trudeau – just another Globalist minion , Canada’s debt and deficit , Environmental Extremism Extravaganza and the Cheese Mafia?
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Justin Trudeau wants a World Parliament

Justin Trudeau is a member of the UNPA (united nations parliamentary assembly) which if implemented, will supersede  Canadian parliament and sovereignty. Many members of parliament and the Senate are members.  David Suzuki and Maude Barlow are members. In the old days it was Treason and the solution was usually a rope.

Here is a short list of Traitors which will verify what I’m saying.

http://en.unpacampaign.org/status/ca.php (this is just one group, there are many more with the same agenda operating within our Borders. We must expose them as the Traitors they are.


3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau – just another Globalist minion

  1. the act is the bible scriptures confirm that the last empire inhistory before Jesus return would be a one world gov,t with a dictator {antichrist} in Daniel and revelation,and the microchip. we are in the last days,the end times.

  2. The UNPA does not exist so it also has no members and Trudeau is not a “member of the UNPA”. The truth is: he has signed the appeal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. If you think that this makes him a “traitor” then that is your opinion. I personally would like to see international institutions being democratized, made transparent and those taking decisions on the global level hold accountable by elections. Please reconsider the arguments and inform yourself about the feasibility and desirability of alternatives. Your judgement might change…

    • Peter – Join us as a guest on Canada Live. We can have an open discussion on the topic of the UNPA and let the listeners decide what’s in the interest of Canada and its people.

      “The UNPA does not exist so it also has no members and Trudeau is not a “member of the UNPA”.

      Trudeau and many other so-called leaders and representatives of Canada and the Canadian people are pushing for the UNPA, which is Treason.
      The UNPA is world gov. This is a fact. The UNPA is not about giving “global citizens” a voice, it’s about handing “global power” over to a group that will control all water, food, health, and monetary policy on the planet. How many Canadians know about the UNPA, Agenda 21 or anything else our gov., media, schools, churches, NGO’s and ENGO’s are covertly pushing down the throats of the Canadian people. Damn few! Why? Because they and the UN know the Canadian people would stand united against the treason taking place if they understood the plan. The UN is the most evil governance body ever unleashed upon the world. If you are in favour of the UNPA, then you my friend are either a fool or a Traitor!

      “…nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.” – Strobe Talbott Deputy Secretary of State 1994-2001

      Your email pretty much says it all! globaldemocracy.activists@googlemail.com
      Note – My judgment will never change!

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