The American Red Cross Double Cross

The American Red Cross is not what it presents itself as. The Red Cross is a facilitator of UN Agenda 21. The included doc is straight out of the UN and the Red Cross is helping institute Global Government. The American Red Cross is guilty of Treason. Do not donate to any organization with ties to the UN. If you do, you are guilty of aiding and abetting treason.

“Tackling climate change
A major driver of disaster risk is extreme weather
events and environmental degradation, both of which
have been linked to climate change. Recognizing that
our understanding of the extent and impact of climate
change will continue to evolve, we contribute to measures
for adaptation — actions to reduce the vulnerability
of communities to modified environments — and
mitigation — environment-friendly behaviours that also
reduce the extent of global warming which causes climate



2 thoughts on “The American Red Cross Double Cross

  1. sounds like whining jews , lets see the state nor city filled one sand bag, Illegal mayor bloomberg turned away relief teams with food because the didn’t know how the sugar and salt content as per his NWO law. All portable power generators sat in central park for the marathon instead of helping the people, police were busy confiscating guns from citizens protectng their person and property from looters and thugs.
    And those assholes in staten island put them in power …BOO HOO HOO

  2. yes I know and I dont think the money, which is donated to them gets to the people who need help. I didnt notice them in the area, where Sandy hit, several days afterwoods except for those that were only serving coffee and cookies, and not any substantial food.

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