Justin Trudeau wants World Government

Justin Trudeau wants a World Parliament

Justin Trudeau is a member of the UNPA (united nations parliamentary assembly) which if implemented, will supersede  Canadian parliament and sovereignty. Many members of parliament and the Senate are members.  David Suzuki and Maude Barlow are members. In the old days it was Treason and the solution was usually a rope.

Here is a short list of Traitors which will verify what I’m saying.

http://en.unpacampaign.org/status/ca.php (this is just one group, there are many more with the same agenda operating within our Borders. We must expose them as the Traitors they are.


4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau wants World Government

  1. I’m not sure if you completely researched what the unpa is really about, three minutes of reading on their website drew me to this:
    “The UNPA would therefore include members of minority parties whose opinions are often not represented in the United Nations. Unlike current UN ambassadors, UNPA representatives would not be subject to the authority of national governments.”
    It seems to me that the goal of the UNPA is to include the voices of regional officials in UN debates and policies because the only representation in the UN at the moment is at the national level. Also at no point did I encounter anything that even alluded to any kind of destruction of the Canadian parliamentary system. Nor is supporting the campaign in any way treason


  2. “I Won’t be indifferent about weather people can afford to retire?”… Really, isn’t that kinda supplying a safety net for someone who hasn’t planned for retirement…so why plan, the tax payers can pay for us? That worked so well in Greece… I don’t want my tax dollars going to someone for a free ride. I’m planning for my retirement, why can’t they?

    “Won’t shrug at low wages or unemployment for middle class.” Um, we’re in a world wide recession there Justin, but Canada and the economy have not crashed as you are showing in your graph…thanks for that in inadvertent plug for Harper.
    If you want to address this maybe you should tax the banks who are leading on the growth side of the economy with record profits and reduced staff… Oh wait, Harper has that in his plan already…

    “and I won’t turn a blind eye to Canada’s economy doubling while middle class incomes have grown by 15%”
    hmmm,… so, Canadian unemployment has dropped by ~4% in the last ~5 years while the population has grown by on average 1.1 % annually.

    In case Justin missed it while he was subing in for a drama teached in Point Grey, Unemployment peaked at almost 10% in 2009 and the world economy teetered at the edge of collapse when the American housing bubble burst. The world monetary system almost collapsed based on the Americans known foundations on a false economy and the European Union carrying the dead weight of nations who were not carrying their own weight relying on others to pay the bills… A strong economy is what provides the tax base from industry to pay for infrastructure… The challenge is that the ones making all the profits today are the people who have all the money to invest.

    What steps other than riding Brian Wilson’s free trade agreement to pay down the national debit and balance their “published” budgets, filling their funding at the political ad scam trough had the Liberal party taken Justin to protect these Canadians you seem to now be saying you are the only one who has their backs and cares for them???

    What investments in infrastructure and encouragement was given to the manufacturing and industry’s not depending on Gov’t funds to ensure the Canadian Economy would not take the hit other than our leaders passing Tax havens for themselves and their steam ship lines and golf courses did the Liberal governments … or is this all about following along your entitled path to the crown just because Daddy told you one day it would all be yours?

  3. This guy couldn’t organize a bingo game!………….without “handlers” around him he probably would walk into a phone booth and not know how to get out.
    Here’s a suggestion: go to China and enjoy the one world concept for the rest of his life while sucking on a face mask covered with coal soot!
    Old Moe Strong could help him out if he ever needed a transplant………………as old Moe knows where there’s a huge stash of organs!!!!

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