Global Cooling And The Next Ice Age

John Casey discusses the cooling planet, natural cycles and the fraud of MMGW on Canada Live Radio. Science as a political tool and the indoctrination of children by the education system are also discussed. Global cooling expected to lead to food shortages.

Why Our Winters Are Getting Warmer…it’s not because of You or CO2

Rachel Carson: The Edge of the Sea, The Sea Ar...


David Suzuki and many in the environmental movement say Rachel Carson‘s book, Silent Spring, published in 1962, was a turning point in their lives.  Silent Spring warns of environmental damage caused by chemical spraying and the use of DDT.

Carson explores the causes of Climate Change in an earlier book called, The Sea Around Us, a book I’ve never heard an environmentalist endorse or acknowledge.  Carson lays out a much more plausible explanation for Global Warming/Climate Change than the IPCC. The earth has always warmed and cooled via the natural cycle, but the environmental movement is determined to blame man, as in “Man Made Global Warming.”  Why do you think that is?
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