11 thoughts on “Ride On by Angus Stark

  1. Gordy Stefulic asked some of her male students to fondle her buttock and private area in 2007 when she was principal at Silverthorn Collegiate Institute. No disciplinary action were taken on her but 3 of those kids got scolded because this happened in front of a group of about 10 guys who witnessed the whole thing. They were supposedly held for detention after school for petty things that She caught them doing like smoking in front of the school. Rumors started circulating around the school that she had hand-picked these guys for detention because her intentions was to have a gangbang with all of them. She said that one of the boys made a sexually charged remark towards her which prompted more aggressive behavior from a group of 3 to 5 guys that were present. She claimed they began to forcefully grope her and they would take her right there because the school was pretty much empty. She claimed they were sexually assaulting her and about to engage in gang rape until she able to struggle free and ran out of the classroom they were in. Although in her mind this was what took place the actual event was quite different.

    It was Gordy Stefulic that actually began a very sexually explicit conversations with the boys present. She spoke about body parts that men/male are drawn to on a woman and went around the room and asked each boy what part/s they are attracted to most. The conversation got more perverted when she started asking how many of them had the cranal pleasure of caressing those womanly parts. To the boys that said “no”, she made 3 of them stand up and approach her. She took their hands one at at time and guided them around her breast, buttock and vagina. Once they were completely comfortable, she ordered them to be more spirited and enthusiastic. All 3 boys were exuberantly fondling all over at the same time when another student suddenly knock on the door. It was a female student, and she partially saw what was going on because the classroom door had a glass window on the top half. From there the flood gate opened and words quickly spread to the authorities and the 3 boys took the fall.

    Gordy Stefulic later approached the girl that caught her the session with the guys in detention and began to befriend the girl, gave her gifts and thanked her for coming to her rescue from the boys. Gordy Stefulic lured her in to sexual contact. The girl was very quiet about what Stefulic and she did but they were seen at Yorkdale mall together with Stefulic’s arm around her shoulder and seem to be very touchy-feelly.

    How does Gordy Stefulic get any work done as principal when all she is preoccupied with is sex? I wouldn’t not rule out that a gangbang session did take place elsewhere at a different time.

  2. My daughter informed me that back in 2009 she had a lesbian affair with her former principal, a Gordy Stefulic. The affair between the woman and my daughter, 16 at the time, lasted only 2 weeks. Gordy really likes to have her vagina licked and loves to use big dildos that can really fill up all her holes.This disgusting woman was never punished by her employer (Toronto school board) and is now retired and for all intents and purposes cannot be fired. I fell violated but don’t what to do or even if I should. I did research on the internet and found she has had many, many other encounters with her students, males and sometimes females as well. So sure, I can believe that her conquests could be into the hundreds.

  3. It’s true that Gordy Stefulic likes to do guys in the boy’s washroom, that really gets her off… the possibility of getting caught. I’d bet that if she were to do it in the bedroom she would not be so energetic and assertive. Two of my classmates from grade 12 when she was at BCI said they got a BJ from her in the boy’s washroom and she loves to see guys shoot their load/s. Both my friends said they blasted her face with their wads and she loved it, her eyes would lit up. She’s a true s!ut, her conquest were probably into the hundreds over the course of her career.

  4. Gordy Stefulic- stole over $60,000 from a school trust fund, had sexual intercourse with a male student in 2000, had sex with a 17 year old student in 1998 and had a orgy with Terry Baytor, former teacher of Martingrove Collegiate Institute.

  5. Gordy Stefulic 38 : Pricipal, Burhamthorpe Adult School, Ontario, cautioned for having sexual intercourse with an 19-year-old male student on three separate occasions dating back to 2000, not only on Toronto District School Board property but also in her car near a local golf course and the apartment of a friend. A discipline committee panel held a private hearing into these incidents relating to failure to observe appropriate student/educator boundaries. Subsequently at the board’s and the student’s request that the incident not be made public it was agreed that professional psychological counseling for a period of one year be required.

  6. I had sex with Ms. Stefulic when I was in grade 11 at GHCI. We did it in the boys’ washroom on the 3rd floor on the south end of the building. She had asked me to stay after school because she wanted to talk to me in private. She made me wait in her office until well after 5:30PM when the school was pretty much deserted and there was definite nothing happening on the 3rd floor. There might have been a few in kids in the gym or outside in the parking lot but the office and faculty staff were all gone for the evening as far as I can tell. She probably knows everyone’s schedule and when they come and go.

    Around 5:45PM or so, I heard the clip clop sounds her shoes would make coming down the hall towards the main office, she has pretty large legs & calves. She said “follow me young man” and proceeded to lead me up the stairs at the south end. She would walk up the stairs a couple steps ahead of me so her big round ass was pretty much right in front of my face. I can tell you that recent photos doesn’t do her justice because back then she was SMOKING HOT. My description of her would be a curvy and busty blonde amazon cougar that was ready to pounce. She was around 40 yrs. I think but still pretty hot and tempting (what the kids would call PHAT).

    She was wearing a tight, knee-high navy colour skirt and a white blouse. That view of her big ass and legs walking up those stairs was starting to give me a hard-on. Almost instinctively, when she got to the top of the second or third set of stairs she turned back then looked at me and said “like what you see?”. I felt flushed and embarrassed as she caught me in the act. When we got up to the third floor, the hall way was dark as the lights were off. She peeked and checked all the classrooms that we passed and finally pulled me into the boys’ washroom towards the end of the hall. It made sense because who would go to use the washroom on the third floor when you could use one on the first floor. It seems like she really knew what she was doing in scoping out the place.

    Once inside the boys’ room, she told me to drop my bag and “take a load off”. She said she wanted my opinion on something and proceeded to lift up her skirt slowly towards her waste revealing her flesh-tone pantyhose and white panties. She asked if I think white colour panties looks good on her as she slowly turned around to show off that big ass…this time I did not have to image what it looks like under that skirt. Needless to say I was speechless, then she grabbed my hand and guided it up and down that big ass. I was in shock and just didn’t know what to do, so just went along with what was going on, she wants sex so lets enjoy this I thought to myself. Then she guided my hand around her vag, and pushed up on my two middle figures deeper into her vag. I can sense she was getting moist through her panties and she began to unbutton her blouse. She had a white bra on and she dragged my hand that was still feeling up her p#ssy through her panties towards her ample t!ts and guided my thumb around her nipple. She hastily pulled away just as I was getting into it then turn to stand behind me and started to fondle my crotch with one hand and going under my t-shirt and rubbing my nipple with her other hand as she stood behind me. She asked if this is the first time I have been with a woman, all I can say was “ummm”. She whispered “relax, I’ll show you what to do…don’t be nervous…other guys wishes they can do this…how experience you will be with women after this”. I can’t totally recall all that was said but that was the gist of it and there was only moaning and groaning after that.

    She un-did my jeans, pulled down my underwear and started tugging on my d!ck. It was already rock-hard and I can recall her saying “my oh my”. She got on her knees and started sucking on it. At first slowly licking it with her tongue then fast and vigorous head-bobbing d!ck-in-mouth BJ. I thought I was going to nut when she stopped, she stood up and pulled down her panties & pantyhose. She had a big hairy pussy, her pubs were darker then her hair colour. She then pulled out a condom from her purse and put it on me. She then bent over resting her arms on a sink and told me to take her from behind which I gladly obliged. I was ramming her as hard as I can without a care for any repercussion, all I wanted was just to f@ck this b!tch. The session was intense and rough. She kept telling me to look at her face in the mirror while I stood behind her and doggy-style that big ass.

    It was about 15 mins of relentlessly pounding that big ass that I was going to cum, just then she pulled out again and said she wants to see me have an orgasm. She took off the condom and proceeded with a zealous hand-job and blow-job simultaneously until I shot my load which caught her chin and left cheek.

    She cleaned off the cum from her face, pulled down her skirt and buttoned up her blouse and told me never to speak of the incident to anyone. We f@cked again about a month later and a few more time after that until she was transferred out from GHCI.

  7. FYI Gordy Stefulic has retired and living of a really nice pension that she really did not earn. She was removed from the school setting so she would not be in direct contact with students and their parents. That act is proof enough but lacks a direct accusation to avoid litigation and does have certain implications.


    Read between the lines.

  8. Take for instance, Mary Gowans. Even the evidence showed that Mary Gowans and the-then 14 year old student exchanged over 2,000 text messages, some of the text messages of which were overtly sexualized in nature. One provocative text message Mary Gowans sent to the student was “Christmas came early, babe 🙂 ”. Mary Gowans even let the student into her home under the guise of babysitting employment. Mary Gowans seemed to be the typical pedophile who groomed the student to perform sexual intercourse with her, but the lack of evidence or common sense resulted in the Judge ruling a not guilty charge for the accusation of pedophile charges.

    Gordy Stefulic, current Chair of the Toronto Schools Administrator Association was accused of having sexual intercourse with students dating back to the 1990s. In 2008, Gordy Stefulic was accused of recording, distributing and sharing child pornography with under-aged students of Etobicoke Collegiate Institute and Silverthorn Collegiate Institute. Three students were implicated in massaging and fondling Gordy Stefulic on Toronto District School Board property. One female student alleged that Gordy Stefulic directed a male student to sexually harass her because Gordy Stefulic had a grudge against Muslim female students who wore the conventional headdress. The female Muslim student and her parents filed several complaints to the former TDSB Director Dr. Chris Spence, but to date the Muslim female student and her parents received no reply of the sexual assault which occurred in 2007.

    Vivian Mavrou, current Vice Principal of Martingrove Collegiate Institute was a known white supremacist and sexual predator who was incompetent as a Mathematics teacher while she was teaching at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in the early 2000s. Because of the teachers’ union tenure policies which favoured old white middle and upper class Canadians, Vivian Mavrou was promoted to Silverthorn Collegiate Institute as a Vice Principal. Allegations surfaced about Vivian Mavrou and a school bully who were seen in Vivian Mavrou’s vehicle after school hours. Some students alleged Vivian Mavrou had sexual interference with the 15 year old school bully, and this conflict of interest caused many innocent students to become victims of school bullying. Vivian Mavrou failed to protect the students from being physically, emotionally and sexually assaulted by the school bully because Vivian Mavrou was having sex with the school bully and returned the favour by giving the school bully permission to bully students! The Toronto District School Board cited lack of evidence when the investigation was given and Vivian Mavrou was transferred to Martingrove Collegiate Institute where she enforced fascist policies to students to suppress freedom of speech in Toronto schools.

    Varla Abrams in her decades career as a teacher, had sexual intercourse with at least four students and she had to be transferred many times because of those immoral incidents. Varla was notorious in the news for being a suppresser of freedom of expression in government-funded Canadian schools.

    Mary Gowans, Gordy Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou and Varla Abrams committed heinous sexual exploitation crimes against minors and students using their position of authority. But why is their a lack of concern, but accusations of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack are met with the most uncivilized, unconstitutional and herd-mentality behaviour by the public and media in forcing Mayor Rob Ford to resign?

    At least Mayor Rob Ford does the job well as a person in authority. Canadians have no business as to what Mayor Rob Ford does in his spare time out of office. There are Toronto District School Board teachers who use their work time to have sexual interference with minors. These TDSB sex predators are named Mary Gowans, Vivian Mavrou, Gordy Stefulic and Varla Abrams.

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