Northland Pumped Storage Marmora Ontaio

Northland Pumped Storage Marmora Ontario PDF
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by Kathy Hamilton

I haven’t been able to drive from my mind, a couple of intriguing comments from Mrs. Donna H. Cansfield, during
her discussion with the OPA’s Ms. JoAnne Butler,
following Mr. Bob Delaney’s questioning of the latter
– as
recorded around the 1740 marker in the
transcripts from the proceedings of the Standing Committee on Justice Policy, Tuesday 19 March 2013.
Potential relevance to the local “governance” imposed on Marmora’s people in 2010, in addition to a PPA
“procurement process” that could increase the threat of Northland Power’s proposed pumped-up “industrial
development” becoming our lifelong nightmare reality – due to what I consider the “bass-ackwardness” at the root
common to both these “integrated” local horror shows – spurns me to finally attempt driving all this home in
others’ minds and potentially shared interests.pumpedTimeline– Kathy Hamilton,

Welcome to our Un-Citizens of Marmora & Lake Page!

Meet Un-Supporters of Northland Power’s “project” – the Un-Citizens!
Spreading the word that Marmora needs US more than alleged future jobs or a pumped storage plant that could destroy people, homes and jobs we already have & love!
Our private site’s competitor – see the Municipality of Marmora and Lake site page allowing only support for the so-called “Marmora Pumped Storage Project”:  HERE  AFDB Smiley
Compare what you see on their page, to these realities that you won’t:

The Evidence vs Supporter Claims & Beliefs:


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