Stephen Harper and Canadian Forces watching climate change

Watching the climate change

BAFFIN ISLAND—Defence Minister Rob Nicholson says the Canadian Armed Forces are watching the changing climate in the North “very, very carefully.”

Speaking to reporters on Baffin Island on Tuesday, Nicholson said the Forces are working with other federal agencies, levels of government, and aboriginal groups to “protect the environment.”

When asked how the military was protecting the environment, Nicholson said simply by “being available if there’s any sort of chemical spill, any sort of disaster of that type, they have to be able to act and co-operate with local authorities.”

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Editor:  A suggestion for Stephen Harper and the Canadian Forces…..Go find the National sovereignty that was lost at the G20 meeting in Toronto in 2010.  To the Toronto Star….stop wasting trees to publish garbage.

To the peoples on this land….WAKE UP!

Loss of Sovereignty

The debate is over! Global warming fraud exposed

Québec and California have officially linked their respective cap-and-trade systems


2 thoughts on “Stephen Harper and Canadian Forces watching climate change

  1. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your site while researching Maurice Strong. I will be reading the archives. Keep up the good work!

  2. In all due respect to all the unbelievers, there is one and only one true Sovereign, and that is our Maker, Creator and true Father, God (YHWH). All of the pagan nations of the God-less (secular) world like Canada are mere fictional sovereignties in the minds of confused and deceived people — a prison of the mind.

    There are two ways to be fooled:
    (1) Believe a lie. And,
    (2) Do not believe the truth.

    In the God-less (secular) world there is no separation between the God-less state and the God-less religion — both have absolutely nothing to do with God the Father, Christ Jesus, God’s only begotten Son (John 3:16), and God’s Holy Bible. Again, I am not being naïve since I absolutely know that most people are not true Christian believers and the believe that they can be citizens of some pagan country like Canada, which is being an enemy of God (see James 4:4), while being friends with the pagan world.

    It does not matter what puppet government minion is in charge, whether Harper or any other lame pagan who could not give to shits about his fellow man because they are all puppets and they are only interested in their own selfish private gain. Man ruins the earth because the critical mass is destroying the earth in the name of profits while they pretend they are not destroying the earth. But, the sad truth, fact and reality is that in the name of selfish gain and profits man has polluted his air, water, soil and food — and through indoctrination into many layers of lies and fraud man has polluted the collective hive minds of both individuals and society at large.

    The only solution is to quit participation in what is simply fraud in God-less society. But, all those billions of unbelievers who continue to hold to their ignorant belief in lies while ignoring the truth will only go down with the sinking ship or die in the burning house instead of vacation and getting on the lifeboat or leave the burning house. The God-less world is well on its way to imploding and collapsing on many fronts, morally, economically and environmentally and man is only the cause of a myriad of problems that are also the consequences of bad morals and bad behaviour and total lack of conscience.

    Hopelessly hoping that things will change by hoping it will change is just that — hopeless. And, you puppet leaders will not do a dam thing to effect any positive change because it is against their “Public interest” — because the government is a PUBLIC entity and you are NOT the public because you are PRIVATE, and the government does not work for the PRIVATE — and they will never tell you their dirty little secret that they are the shadow government working for the “Public Interest” of a handful of puppet masters that took ownership over the earth so that they could operate by deceit and confusion and trickery to profit every time you use their property, the SURNAME, because every time you use it you must pay a custom, duty, fee, royalty and tax for it. It’s a clever subversion of justice.

    Only the ultimate liar could have come up with such a scheme and we call him the father of the lie — and the biggest lie is that he does not exist. But, the really funny thing is that the confused and deceived masses believe in and celebrate a number of pagan fairy tales like Christmas, Easter, Halloween while paying lip service to God. It’s a mighty tangled web we weave when we seek to deceive.

    As far as the devil’s advocated (lawyers) and former devil’s advocates who became politicians to lie to their fellow man for their own selfish private gain goes, it is truly a counterfeit and fraud of the highest possible calibre and they will pay for their lies, corruption, deception and fraud when they meet their Maker.

    The dead “Body Corporate” needs ignorant living men to carry out its evil deeds.

    For those still in a state of zombie sleep I can only pray that you wake up to reality.

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