City Managers And CAO’s Are Implementing Agenda 21 At The Local Community Level

by Ron Stephens

Your city managers and local councils are implementing Agenda 21. The ICMA is the (International City/County Management Association) of which your City Manager/CAO is likely a member. They are leading the effort to destroy your community, your way of life and your country from the local level. They implant the Global agenda at the Local level, handing power to a group of unelected Globalists who will run/ruin your lives. This is a psychological war that will be won or lost at the local level. The real power lays at the local level, where the “people” live, and the Globalists know it. Time to kick them all out-of-town!

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Among these, some well-known models include the 56 indicators of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, which are based on Agenda 21 and the …
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Table 21. Weighted Sustainability Strength Assessment. 73. Table 22. Little Rock …. including the Earth Summit, Agenda 21, and Habitat Agenda, to name a few.
Erin Carr: A Thank You to Our Amazing Supporters 19 days ago. At its 2014 Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, ICMA thanked Life, Well Run …
Nov 4, 2014 In•fra•struc•ture: 21st Century Redefinition · Hidden until · Draft · Cory Misley | October ….. Agenda 21 (1). Annual Conference (1). best practices ……/Sustainable_Communities
Jul 24, 2013 workload management (). Agenda management (). Legislative management () ….. speech, First Amendment (). Agenda 21 (). United Nations ().…/blog/…/Local_Government_Humor
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presented in Agenda 21, the preamble to which calls for the removal of disparities (especially poverty) and environmental degradation by integrating …
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Agenda. ♢Challenges of Municipal Governance and Elected Service ….. 21. The City Council is Trustee for the. Residents. Central Duties of the City Council:.
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and he is an active member of working group on water for Agenda 21 for Marrakech. Manar Mahasneh, Head of GIS Division, Jordan Valley Authority (JVA ), …
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Aug 13, 2013 They found support from the Kuantan Local Agenda. 21 projects, various government agencies’ Corporate. Social Responsibility projects, and …
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entire City Council comprised the Tyler 21 Steering Committee responsible for overseeing the …. On each Council agenda, icons representing the Tyler 21 Plan.
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