Game On


2 thoughts on “Game On

  1. I loved the broadcast with JJ and you Ron … he seems like a guy who ‘gets it’ and even mentioned Joan Veon which is awesome! Read her books if you can find them people … “United Nations Global Strait Jacket” and “Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince” .. her website got taken down but I did find it located elsewhere … she made an epic contribution in my opinion and I cannot recall Alex Jones ever promoting her work .. … thanks for this one .. I was on a radio show back in 2012 .. then all hell broke loose for me .. email hacked, blogger hacked, credit card fraud, etc … still think artivism and anonymous posters are a good idea though .. planting ‘seeds’.. staying peaceful.

  2. Excellent broadcast … there are so many days I am tempted to blast the school but then I remember how futile my anger will be in the ‘machinery’ of that framework.. having said that .. I think there is def. work parents can do as individual citizens about the issues they have with the school propaganda by running a blog that costs nothing and doing posters on public spaces.. this ‘trannie’ stuff which is ridiculousness is more social engineering and I like you wish they would just stick to the math, english, science, art, music, gym, and languages … good to see you have a radio show with a bigger youtube following Ron .. you do good work and have a great attitude.. thanks.

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