Tom Deweese of American Policy Center Explains Agenda 21

Tom Deweese joins Game On host Ron Stephens for an in depth discussion about Agenda 21. Tom is president of the American Policy Center. He has been active in the fight against Agenda 21 for over two decades. Join Ron and Tom for an insightful two hours  Sunday June 28th, noon – 2pm Est.  Game On UCY.TV to listen to this show or past shows go to show archives via link above.


3 thoughts on “Tom Deweese of American Policy Center Explains Agenda 21

  1. Excellent! We are living in a scientific dictatorship a technocracy .. according to Patrick Wood author of “Technocracy Rising” we have been duped and conned .. caught the interview this year with Patrick and John B Wells today from March 2015 who really knits up all these aspects we see .. watch here .. .. staggering information.. totalitarianism … the technocracy has been hidden in plain sight.

  2. Some areas are probably worse than others with their ‘collectivism’ and over zealous planners.. I think many people might overlook the Maritimes as being the hotbed of ‘social justice’ and ‘change agent’ training that it truly is .. I came here a while back … but in this university town in particular – which is has Peter Mansbridge, CBC National star, as the Chancellor – Mount Allison University – I pretty see nothing but social engineering going on day and night thru the year … these ‘educated’ people are nothing more than obediant lackeys who appear unable to think for themselves .. the ‘herding’ and manipulation is staggering.. I mentioned this latest attempt called ‘local prosperity’ a conference / symposium [they love that word] in April this year in Nova Scotia – our town paid for three councillors to attend it … check it out … … they is busy little beavers with funding as far as I can see .. but seriously .. the dude councillor of 30 years in Nova Scotia is openly “Club of Rome” .. holymoly .. they anti-industry and climate change hysterics here. Period.

  3. Viva le resistance…. property ‘ownership’ will eventually become illegal for all settlers and white people on ‘Turtle Island’ .. all of it just gets dumber and weirder as more and more humans are socially engineered and lose their connection with their Creator in favour of devotion to the Big Mother Nannystate … I see a lot of cultural marxism out there and only more coming … a great guest for your radio show would be Niki Raapana .. we had a good telephone chat a few years back and I say that her work is essential reading on agenda 21 / communitarianism .. feudalism ….. Niki along with her daughter Nordica Friedrich co-authored the definitive read “2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto”, ACL Books, Alaska USA [ebook] .. .. its where Rosa Koire ‘helped herself’ to the first one hundred pages for her book “Behind the Green Mask” without properly crediting Niki and Nordica… Tom is a good guest .. I say exactly what he does all the time .. we are being inundated with ‘change agents’ who are trained and networked to be “Global Village Idiots” .. in ‘community’.

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