The Cannes Debate With Al Gore

The full interview is available here…streamed live, June 26th, 2015…
Watch the full interview and then may all 7 billion give it a thumbs down to show the evil ones of the world we won’t give them what they want.


2 thoughts on “The Cannes Debate With Al Gore

  1. I get really ticked off watching people bow down to this blowhard Gore… where is the pushback … why is everyone cheering him on .. and when will they wake up to his bullshit? Only time will tell .. but like Charlotte Iserbyt says .. they did it through education … there is no doubt … but I think people have a right and a duty to call bullshit in their towns if they have politicians pushing the c02 fear mongering and the climate change hysteria… its about balance… and its about time for a reality check by the common people.. wouldn’t you say so Ron?

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