Raw Mild Symposium 2016

micheal freedom sentenced in Newmarket OntarioMichael Schmidt is committed to ensuring Food Freedom for you and your families. He has not wavered in his commitment even though he has been persecuted relentlessly for more than 20yrs. This is not just a struggle for the right to consume farm fresh milk but your right to choose your food in general. There is a war going on by the “gov” to control what you eat. If you don’t stand and defend your rights….you will lose them to the multinational food monopolies that are defended and promoted by “gov” that does not serve the people. Please make your best effort to attend the Milk Symposium at University of Guelph this Sat. You’ll be glad you did. No one has the right to tell anyone what they can or can’t eat. Time we all Stand, say NO!! and mean it.


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