Environ-Mental! The environmental movement was never about saving the planet..its always been about power and control. Unfortunately environmental propaganda has left too many people in a mental vacuum, void of the ability to think clearly (hypnotized) . Environ (encircle, surround) mental (of the mind, in the mind, mental illness, insane) So, the UN/globalists/politicians/teachers/preachers/media etc. have used unrelenting propaganda to surround the mind and have it accept the environmental message (lies) until people become mentally ill/insane. All those sucked in by the environmental movement should be severely PISSED! The same method is used to push the Wars, World gov, Vaccines, Fluoride, GMO, Wind farms, Geo-engineering, LBGT, Islam, etc.agendas. Give your Head a good shake and Wake Up from what can only be described as an induced Bad Dream. Time we deal with Reality!



5 thoughts on “Environ-Mental!

  1. Read “Technocracy Rising” by Patrick Wood, USA.. I got the local bookstore to order it in .. it won’t be readily available in any stores… geez….. its hard to fight what you don’t understand exists ….. political parties are window dressing… although some more extremist and helpful to the globalists than others… I think at the local level people can do a lot … and should try … but I don’t think its going to be easy work… brace yourself.. the problem is incrementalism..

  2. I agree with your statement and observation of the obvious. And, there are innumerable number of things that most average individuals cannot change (e.g. ongoing worldwide corruption that goes back to the beginning of man). But, stating the obvious does not change anything either. I hear so many people making claims based on unproven theories with no practical application. Do you have any ideas that have a practical application? That would truly be a breath of fresh air.—– Mark

    Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 15:15:16 +0000 To: child52of144@hotmail.com

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