John McCallum, Minister of Genocide

Canada to welcome up to 305,000 newcomers this year, McCallum says

Canada’s immigration levels will increase in 2016 — with the biggest rise in family reunification and refugee categories.

Immigration Minister John McCallum, pictured in December, announced the federal government's 2016 immigration targets on Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “John McCallum, Minister of Genocide

  1. I smell a rat! Hello Sharia. I thank the Lord I am not in the Meleniell age group but that I am past 80 and on my way out of this country that is just getting too politically correct!

  2. When will they wake up??Soon we will have more immigrants from foreign countries in CANADA. We do not want them.We would suggest Mr. TRUDEAU take care of our own..As we have many who are living on the street,surviving on soup kitchens,veterans and seniors who need help .Please lets take care of our own before we start giving more money and CANADA away to others.

  3. I lost all respect for our liberal parties will never vote for them again. I’m tired of all there communist thoughts , and buying votes from refugees.

  4. Global power extremists Mr MaCallum should be shot as a traitor. We are being sold down the river by this worthless piece of skin. And anyone who supports this bullshit is declaring war on Canada as a autonomous country. The Wave is starting in the US and will sweep through Canada once (or if) people wake up. And as that wave sweeps over MaCallum I hope he sinks like a rock. Disgusting Vial traitor.

    Soros is the worst of all global extremists bent on destroying the autonomy of countries and replacing the government with NON ELECTED DICTATORS known as the UN .

    Lost will be our Canadian freedoms and identity replaced by a Cartel like group issueing edicts to be carried out.

    I am a nationalist and will never accept this direction.
    And Trudeau the Puppet aspires to be the ruler. Trudeau Will renact Decaprio at the front of the ship Yelling “Im King of the world” as Canada sinks to the bottom.

    God Help us !!

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