Tyler Barone – An Indoctrinated Mentally Abused Child Has Reached Voting Age!

I truly feel bad for Tyler and all the other children who have suffered through the indoctrination and lies, that have caused so many metal anxiety. The full MSN story with video

Point of view: I’m a first-time voter, and this is what I want

‘Climate change has to be dealt with right now’

“To me, voting is an important human right, and if done properly, has the potential to push society in positive directions.  Why not take advantage of that?”

What I’m interested in is climate change. 

“I was at Montreal’s climate march in September, and it was inspiring to see half a million people take over the streets with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.”  

Instead of marching in the streets,
the students should consider suing their school boards

“Experts say that global warming is a few decades away from being irreversible. For some voters, this may not be a big issue, but for me, it’s do or die.”

Tyler, before you read any further, you first must understand a couple of things. The public school system is a system of indoctrination, based on the Prussian system. Your teachers came through the same indoctrination system and will teach whatever they are told to teach, without question.
I hope what you read below will encourage you to question. Asking a question, should inspire you to find an answer.
From my earliest days of school, I was always given a hard time for asking challenging questions.
During the 60’s while in grade 7, a young female teacher stood in front of the class and said this. “Believe nothing you read see or hear, until you personally verify the information. Failure to do so, opens the mind to accepting all manner of propaganda and outright lies as truth.” She verified the need to question.
As Paul Watson co-founder of Greenpeace said, “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” Be careful what you believe. It could be propaganda and outright lies. Which is what global warming/climate change/climate crisis is based on.

Rule and control via fear. Same thing happened when I was a child in grade school. Only then the world wasn’t going to end because of a small rise in temp. We were gonna die via nuclear annihilation. That was back in the day of ‘duck and cover’. Although it upset my teacher, I never dove under my desk, in ‘duck and cover’ mode. Made no sense.

Today it’s Global Warming/Climate Change, now escalated to CLIMATE CRISIS.
There is no more chance the world is going to end because of a few degree rise in temp. than there was of global annihilation by nuclear war.

It is all about moving their Global Agendas forward via fear which gives them control of the minds of the people.

If Tyler, and all other young and old people had read Cloak of Green by Elaine DeWar, the youth would not be marching in the streets, fearing the [not] impending Climate Crisis. If you still don’t get the Fraud after reading it, you’ve been very well indoctrinated.

Get a copy from your library. If they don’t have one they can get a copy for you from another library. Read it!

Tyler, I’m confident you and your classmates can be de-programmed. I have de-programmed a few who were actually pushing the Agendas.

Global Warming/Climate Change now escalated to CLIMATE CRISIS., is based on what? It is not based on science or hard data. It’s based on the Precautionary Principle, meaning, no evidence required. ( The principle 15 of the Rio Declaration notes: “In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”[8])
We exhale C02, of which the plants breath in, The plants.trees exhale oxygen of which we breath in. Take away the C02 and everything dies. Exactly what the globalists want….mass de-population, which not about saving the planet. So they have you, via fear, consenting to your demise.

This fits in well with the words of Paul Warbur from Foreign Relations 1950. “We will have a world gov. by consent or conquest. We need a mechanism.
If you do your research, you can’t help but agree, the mechanism chosen was environment/global warming. (Problems/lies, they created) that can only be solved at the global level.
Through the indoctrination/lies/propaganda they have the people consenting to World Gov. The only way to solve their created Global Problems.

How do we know environment/global warming was the chosen mechanism? Enjoy the video/lie/propaganda on global warming from 1958, that now has the youth marching in the streets in 2019

Propaganda movie released prior to the 1972 conference on The Human Environment. Starring David Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, Barbara Ward and other deceivers. This was 4 years prior to Habitat 1 in Vancouver 1976, with Maurice Strong, Barbara Ward, Pierre Trudeau and others, moving the UN agendas toward World Gov. using fear as their main propaganda tool to implement the Fraud.

The Green Agenda should open the eyes of the most blind Read it!

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