COVID-19 Bill Gates, United Nations and World Economic Forum

“In October 2019, weeks before the COVID-19 outbreak was identified in China, the World Economic Forum, in conjunction the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted a high-level simulation exercise for pandemic preparedness and response.”

It’s all here on the World Economic Forum page, including the 2015 Ted talk.

“If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war – not missiles, but microbes,” warned Bill Gates during a TED Talk five years ago.”
As I’ve said for years, this is WW3, a spiritual/psychological war being used to get the population to Consent to their World Gov.

Gates said in 2015 the world was not prepared for a epidemic/pandemic. If he and all the other ‘philanthropists’ knew this then why did they not invest in preparedness to be ready?
Simple they create the pandemics to move their World Gov. agendas forward.

No different than in 2007 when the WHO said “If there is not a pandemic within the next five years, there may be loss of interest and political awareness, and other public health needs may shift investment away from pandemic influenza. Therefore, it is critical to identify the best possible strategy to maintain political commitment and WHO is working with partners (UNICEF) and donors to mitigate this risk. The Advisory Group appreciated that the business plan was developed by independent consultants following discussions with country representatives and other stakeholders to achieve buy-in by the international community, and to prevent the GAP from being considered a bureaucrat-driven solution.”

In 2009 we had the H1N1 pandemic foisted upon us.

Bill ‘psychopath’ Gates is a partner of both the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. The WEF and UN signed an agreement in June 2019 to push the Sustainable Development Goals forward. World Economic Forum states they have 7 trillion dollars in hand. Why didn’t they make sure the world was prepared for the next pandemic? They created it. We know one of the agendas is mass depopulation, but not using bombs like they did in the past but pandemics. Then they come forward and said they are doing their best to curb the pandemic and drive more vaccine needles into the people.

Partnership agreement signed between the UN and World Economic Forum

This must be stopped and it’s up to us to do it.

Other frauds Gates is involved at WEF

And some of Gates involvement with the UN…

Every level of ‘gov.’ from the Fed to your local council is involved in implementing the UN globalist agendas upon our nation, as they work to create a World Gov. If we allow it to happen they will control every aspect of our lives and all resources on the planet.
Welcome to WW3 a spiritual/psychological war, a war we better win or those who come after us have no future.

Please share- We must wake the people.

29 thoughts on “COVID-19 Bill Gates, United Nations and World Economic Forum

  1. Thank God I am beginning to see more people who know what is going on! Social media and the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC) are all in it too with big tech, big pharma, NIH, China, WEF, Klaus Schwab… we the people need to spread the knowledge of what’s happening and unite together to stand up to this evil. If we unite and stand together, we will win. If we stay divided, fighting and arguing with each other, we are in trouble.

  2. Some one has to tell the President MR. Trump do away with DR. Fauci & Dr. Brix and for get about a vaccine . Tell bill gates to just go home and put a bag on his head!!!!! & SHUT UP !!!!!

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