Canada Announces Contributions to IMF to Help Safeguard Global Economic Stability

Hey Canadians….keep slaving away or Wake UP!

Canada Announces Contributions to IMF to Help Safeguard Global Economic Stability

October 8, 2016 – Washington, D.C. – Department of Finance Canada

Canada is committed to contributing to a stable global economy that benefits the middle class and those working hard to join it.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau today concluded his participation in the 2016 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Group by announcing Canada’s contribution to two global financing initiatives. Along with contributions from other countries:

  • Canada will extend a temporary line of credit of approximately C$15 billion to the IMF to help maintain its ability to lend to countries in the event of a major global economic shock.
  • Canada will also provide repayable loans of approximately C$900 million to the IMF’s Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust, which will help ensure that the world’s poorest countries can adjust to economic shocks and create growth and development that benefit their citizens.

Minister Morneau and his international colleagues discussed ways to tackle global economic challenges and ensure countries and international institutions are equipped to respond to them. The Minister emphasized the importance of open trade and investment as a means of building strong and sustainable global growth and prosperity for the middle class and those working hard to join it.


“Canada is proud to be at the forefront of global efforts to build a stronger world economy. It is important for all countries to work together and to be open to international trade and investment. This will in turn create prosperity for the middle class and those working hard to join it. Canada’s contributions to the IMF will help ensure it has the resources it needs to be effective in maintaining global economic and financial stability.”

Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance


‘We’re going to find’ Franklin expedition, Stephen Harper vows

Editor:  So, Stephen Harper says the Franklin expedition “laid the groundwork” for Canadian sovereignty. That’s an interesting statement coming from the man who stood at the microphone at the G20 meeting in Toronto in 2010 and stated “This is a loss of National sovereignty.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the Franklin expedition “laid the groundwork” for Canadian sovereignty while ice conditions continue to concern researchers. Toronto Star

” Couple of questions come to mind. Is Canadian sovereignty different from National sovereignty? If so, how is it different? What is Stephen Harper “Prime Minister” of if national sovereignty was lost? Why has the media never reported Harper’s utterance to the people of this land? Lots of questions that need immediate answers.

Video of Harper stating “this is a loss of National sovereignty”

I’m happy Stephen Harper brought up the subject of the Franklin expedition.  Man made global warming is a constructed fraud whereas climate change is a natural cyclical event. Back when the search for “The Northwest Passage”  was at its height was during a period of warming and low ice,  a natural cyclical event. We are exiting a normal warming period and  entering the natural cooling cycle.

For more on the Fraud  “Man made global warming”


A Look Back 2012 The Year That Was

Canada Live takes a look back at the year 2012

Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Between Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne

Canada Live November 4th 2012

On this edition we discuss many topics of concern to Canadians. Harper and the China trade agreement, David Suzuki, Global Warming, International Soil Day and the Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Between Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne. Our discussion on the Liberal leadership race begins at the 30 minute mark of the show.

A case of high treason as Stephen Harper and Paul Martin declare a loss of Canadian sovereignty

Brazil-owned firm takes control of XL Foods plant Is An Inside Job!


Media and government are spinning the Brazilian takeover of  XL Foods in Brooks Alberta as a good deal for Canada. Think about that for a moment.

I’ll explain why it’s an inside job…on the road to complete destruction of Canada…later today. In the meantime, think about the connection to Globalism, Agenda 21, Interdependence, Our Common Future etc.

Stephen Harper Rio +20

Stephen Harper with face paint on showing his support for the globalist agenda.

I know the World Leaders/Traitors want to put their best face forward as they attempt to usher in world tyranny….So… if you’ve got an idea for face paint Harper or your favorite Leader/Traitor might wear?  Send it and I’ll post it.

Traitor-”One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust”

Farmer George Free After Being Jailed For 16 Days – Update!

Update……November 16 2010

George is now a “Free Man” after being held without charge for 16 days.  All charges withdrawn this morning.

The problem was that they had started a new file & not transferred the supporting documents for Geordie’s arguments into the new file.(below)
What else would you expect from a bunch of unbelieving Pagan Devil’s Advocates who practise OLD-COVENANT rituals.
Geordie’s wife re-filed all documents (3 copies each) & had them stamped  in the court Monday morning so they would be in front of the judge this morning,

filed were:

1. Copy of section 46.1 vital statistics act
2. Notarized & authenticated STATEMENT OF BIRTH (THE TRUST)
3. Notarized & authenticated BIRTH CERTIFICATE (THE BOND)
4. Letter from Judith Hartman deputy registrar General -ORG (The ORG does NOT REGISTER PEOPLE)
5. definition of a “person” from the “Police officer’s manual” & * Canadian Dictionary of Law”(The only legal Person known to law is THE CORPORATION)
The court  opened in a non-admiralty jurisdiction “God Save the Queen” was announced & the judge entered the court with NO ROBE.
The Crown actually said that they cannot proceed without jurisdiction and the have had no success in getting George Hugh to consent to being BOTHWELL,GEORGE as he did not answer to the name nor would he cross the “imaginary line”
The Crown also said this: “This is a well crafted Ideological Subversion of the Justice system”

All charges withdrawn
Geordie proved to everyone today that IDENTITY IN CHRIST is your Key to Victory.
My hats off and respect to a very brave man who stood his ground on principle & would not let or consent to the courts identifying him as a DEAD FICTITIOUS  ENTITY.
I am sure they will not mess with George Hugh after this.

Best Regards

Robert Smykal

The 63-year-old organic farmer from the former Sydenham Township has been in jail since Nov. 1, when he was arrested for failing to appear in the Superior Court of Justice. His next court appearance is Nov 16th in Owen Sound Ontario

SUPPORT FARMER GEORGE COURT RALLY #2 TUESDAY NOV 16 RALLY at 8:30 AM Court proceeding at 9:30 AM Owen Sound Provincial Offences Court 595 9th Avenue East, Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 3E3 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-724-2913 TRUTH vs. FICTION and Violation of Civil Liberties