Premier Dalton McGuinty Resigns After Nine Years


Premier Dalton McGuinty Resigns After Nine Years. Nine years of shoving UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development down the throats of unsuspecting Ontarians.

Dalton McGuinty and the rest of the criminals that call themselves politicians should go to jail for Fraud and Treason. The heads of all NGO’s should go to  jail as they are guilty of the same crimes. The heads of most if not all Charitable Foundations should go to jail as they to are guilty of the above crimes.
Did I mention the Corporations……..Jail the Bastards. The masterminds of the UN/World Government go to the gallows…..jail is too good for them.


Dalton took some time for a walk in the park with Comrade Suzuki as they discuss what else they can do to destroy Canada.Image

Attorney General of Ontario Signed Statement of Intent with United Nations

John Gerretsen, Attorney General of Ontario, signed this letter of intent while he was of Minister of the Environment for the Province of Ontario. I’ll let you decide if this is a case of Treason. Personally, I think the letter speaks for itself.

Between the United Nations Development Programme and
Province of Ontario

This Statement of Intent is concluded between the United Nations Development Programme (“UNDP”), a subsidiary organ of the United Nations, an intergovernmental organization established by its Member States, and the Province of Ontario (hereinafter referred to as “Ontario”). UNDP and Ontario are hereinafter referred to as the “Parties”.
UNDP serves in many respects as the operational arm of the United Nations at the country level and works with partners in numerous countries to promote sustainable development, eradication of poverty, advancement of women, good governance and the rule of law.
UNDP, represented by the Bureau for Development Policy, is interested in enhancing its development activities in climate change at the sub-national level.
Ontario is taking measurable steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build an innovative, prosperous and sustainable low-carbon economy. Ontario has introduced comprehensive new climate change initiatives — among the most ambitious and forward-looking of any jurisdiction in North America. These include: a phase-out of coal-fired electricity, promotion of renewable energy and conservation, an aggressive innovation agenda to support research and development in green technologies, historic investments in transit projects and energy efficient infrastructure that are creating thousands of new jobs, and work on climate change adaptation.
The Parties wish to cooperate in areas of mutual concern to enhance the effectiveness of their development efforts, in particular with respect to reducing the negative impacts of climate change. The Parties recognize that climate change will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and cooperation among all levels of government around the world, and that to solve climate change, regional governments, including federated states and provinces, must incorporate the global dimension into their existing strategies and actions.
Ontario has expressed its commitments to tackling climate change at the sub-national level and wishes to work with UNDP in carrying out projects in the framework of the Territorial Approach to Climate Change program to assist sub-national governments in developing countries to implement low carbon development strategies.
On the occasion of the Global Leaders Summit on 15th December 2009, UNDP and Ontario agree to work together to address climate change.
The Parties will explore possibilities to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding in order to establish their partnership in this program.
The Parties recognize that this statement is strictly limited to the scope described herein above and does not entail any further commitments on either Party.

Done at Copenhagen, on 15th December 2009

Olav Kjørven
Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations
Director Bureau for Development Policy
United Nations Development Programme

For Ontario

John Gerretsen
Minister of the Environment
Province of Ontario

Ontario Federation of Agriculture Sells Out Rural Ontario


At the beginning of this video you will see logos of the founders of the Green Energy Act.

Besides the Eco-Nazis you will also see the logo for the OFA (Ontario Federation of Agriculture)

So, we know the OFA is in bed with the Eco-Nazis. The aim of the Eco-Nazis is to run people out of rural areas – see Freedom 21 Santa Cruz (last video on side bar)

While I have tried to educate people on the realities facing rural Ont. WCO (Wind Concerns Ontario) and several other groups have done the opposite. The only subject they wish to discuss is health issues- not the driving forces behind these projects.

WHY? Are they stupid, not being honest, or controlled opposition – come to your own conclusions.

These wind groups keep asking councils to enact moratorium on wind development. Both they and council know they have no power to do so, since the GEA was enacted.

Not one council or rural MPP stood up and fought the  GEA before it was enacted – so why do these wind groups think they will stand up now.

The councils give the impression they want a moratorium, but one must question their past actions.

Besides, a great number of council members are members of the OFA.

Think long and think hard!

The OFA and rural councils have handed rural Ont. over to the Eco-Nazis.

I have a very workable solution, but the wind groups don’t want to go there.


If you are going to be impacted by a wind farm in Ont. you better start asking those you think are working for you some hard questions.

(Feel free to contact me.)

If you plan to live in rural Ontario you better get involved and soon. They’re coming for your water next!

OFA and ECO-NAZIS – working hand in hand!

Video of Dr. Copes Speaking in Owen Sound-Wind Turbines


As you read the article that follows, pay attention to what Bill Murdoch MPP has to say. First – the Ont. Conservative Party planned to install more wind turbines than the Liberals – stated in their 2007 election platform.

Murdoch says he opposed the GEA but he never bothered to vote against it.  When his office was asked why Murdoch was not in the House for the vote his rep said he had a prior engagement.  What could be more important than voting on the removal of Municipal rights.

Murdoch is as guilty as anyone for not standing up for the people of his riding. Why was he not holding information meetings in his riding to inform and advise his constituents about the coming folly.

Why didn’t Murdoch attend the meeting held on the 1st?  It was held just down the street form his office

Gutless, or part of the Treason taking place in this province. You decide!

Posted By Denis Langlois   Owen Sound Times

It’s too late to stop the surge of wind-farm development in Ontario, even by arguing the turbines cause illness, says Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch.

“As far as what they can do about it, there really isn’t a heck of a lot,” he said yesterday.

Murdoch’s comments come a day after about 120 people attended a public meeting at the Grey Bruce Health Unit in Owen Sound about health effects of wind turbines.

The Progressive Conservative MPP said residents’ concerns will likely fall on deaf ears of policy makers and Liberal cabinet ministers at Queen’s Park, since the Green Energy Act is now law.

Asked what people can do, Murdoch initially said “not a thing. It’s over. It’s a law.”

Later, he said concerned residents can write to Premier Dalton McGuinty or the Ontario Ministry of Health. Letters to Murdoch’s office will be forwarded, he said.

“They’re pretty much euchred. I don’t know where they can go. Some will say (I) can do something about it. There’s not a thing I can do about it. It’s a law,” he said.

People who believe the giant wind turbines cause illness can seek medical attention from a doctor, retain a lawyer and sue, Murdoch said, but that will likely be a “waste of money.”

Emotions ran high at Thursday’s public meeting, which the health unit organized to provide wind turbine information to residents.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ray Copes, a director at the Ontario Agency of Health Protection and Promotion, was heckled by the crowd several times after his one-hour slide presentation revealed little new information.

People took exception to Copes’ characterization of health impacts caused by turbines as an “annoyance” and his claim no proof exists linking illness to wind turbines.

People opposed to wind farms say turbines cause health problems such as chronic sleep disturbance, dizziness, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, irritability, nausea and ringing in ears.

Medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn said she is aware “suffering” is being attributed to turbines, but has no power to make or influence changes to the Green Energy Act. The health unit cannot perform in-depth studies on health claims either, she said.

Lynn criticized the act at the public meeting, saying “we need more choices” since it strips local municipalities of the authority to make decisions about turbine setbacks. The act requires a 550-metre setback from a turbine to residential properties.

Murdoch said he opposed the act at Queen’s Park for that reason.

Progressive Conservatives MPPs voted against it and Murdoch said perhaps a change in government would lead to some changes. The next provincial election is in 2011.

“There’s going to be a lot of wind turbines put up in the next two years, I would assume, within the context of that law,” he said.

The province has promised to eliminate coal-fired power by 2014 and add 975 wind turbines by 2012.

A second public meeting, organized by the health unit, is scheduled for Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Walkerton’s Jubilee Hall.

Ontario Goes Green – Green Homes

The McGuinty govt. of Ontario has gone all the way in an attempt to save the planet by introducing the “Green Homes Plan”

In order to be truly Green, no manufactured building materials will be allowed in new homes.

Here are just a couple of the new models that will be available soon.

This home will be of interest  to the first time home buyer or those looking to downsize after retirement.

Below is a new complex and will be of special interest to those with a busy lifestyle. Besides all the other benefits of living in a MUD HUT you can see the community clothes drying facilities in the center courtyard.

Thank you Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Smitherman for your help in making Ontario a “Green Province” we can be all proud of.

Sorry if we questioned your vision.  Some thought you were an idiot.

Well, you proved us wrong!

In only a couple of weeks our new Green Homes will be powered  intermittently by Majestic wind turbines and we will have light and electricity………………sometimes.

Al Gore Exposed by Congress Global Warming

Gore is and always has been a con man.  Google Al Gore and Enron or Al Gore and Maurice Strong.  The Liberal Party of Ontario is involved in the scam. Either that or McGuinty and his party  are completely stupid.

Either way, they must change direction or be brought to justice.

Watch Gore squirm in this C-Span video.