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Stephen Harper with face paint on showing his support for the globalist agenda.

I know the World Leaders/Traitors want to put their best face forward as they attempt to usher in world tyranny….So… if you’ve got an idea for face paint Harper or your favorite Leader/Traitor might wear?  Send it and I’ll post it.

Traitor-”One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust”

When Electricity Made Sense

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Premier, Dalton McGuinty Talks About Renewable Energy For Ontario

Climate scientists targeted for fraud


This is rich! Scientists living “High on the Hog” pushing the MMGW/climate-change fraud,  now find themselves victims of fraud. Ironic ain’t it.

We should applaud these fine upstanding folks for putting a hurt……..if only minor, on these criminals that are destroying our economies and countries with their phony science.

May I live long enough to see them all behind bars where they belong.

I’m talking about the climate fraudsters, not the ones burning them for hotel fees.

Climate scientists targeted for fraud

By Richard Black Environment correspondent, BBC News

Fraudsters are targeting climate scientists with fake conferences in a bid to make cash and obtain details.

Scientists are sent e-mail invitations and directed to a fake conference website – often written using language taken from real scientific meetings.

Typically they are told their travel costs will be refunded – but they have to pay first to reserve a hotel room.

London appears to be their venue of choice, with some invitations imitating the names of top hotels.

One currently live website advertises a conference in Febuary, run by the “Global Warming Volunteer Group” and claiming to “focus on the risks and opportunities posed to society by global warming and… promote the exchange of ideas and learning across the Globe”.

The venue is given as the Crown London Hotel – whose address is the same as the real-life Crowne Plaza, just round the corner from Buckingham Palace.

Staff at the Crowne Plaza confirmed they have had at least one call enquiring about the non-existent conference.

The design of the website closely matches that of another supposed London-based conference, this time organised by the “Climate Change Working Group”, scheduled for late January at an address in North London that is actually a pet shop.

Global warning

Together with Langston James “Kimo” Goree VI, of the International Institute for Sustainable Development in New York, Lee Schipper recently circulated an e-mail to people in the climate change community warning of the scams.

Mr Goree runs a reporting service called the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, which gives detailed accounts of proceedings in fora such as the UN climate summits.

“The scammers have lifted entire portions of the IISD website, doing a search and replace to find IISD and replace it with their own fake name and creating a fake website that they use to fool people into believing that they are legitimate,” he said.

“The fake website is very cleverly done… they do speak the ‘lingo’ fluently.”

This is borne out by the “Global Warming Volunteer Group” website, which boasts a scientific programme and a “peer-review” panel to decide which talks to feature, says that proceedings will be published in a scientific journal, and claims a hook-up with the real-life Carbon Zero Project to make the conference carbon neutral.

The “conference” claims to be sponsored by companies such as energy giant BP, accountants PriceWaterhouse Coopers and the National Australia Bank – as well as the “Crown London Hotel”.

There are some indications of fakery, though, including citing the UK Government’s Department of Climate Change – which does not exist – as a supporter.

A spokesman for BP told the BBC: “We can find no evidence that BP is a sponsor or otherwise connected with the conference advertised on this website.

“We are attempting to contact the organisers for clarification, and our trademarks team will also be checking the website’s use of our company name and logo.”


American/Canadian/Australian/British/European Osterich

Tower of London, Traitors Gate, London, UK

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Time is running out folks…time to start jailing the traitors and bringing them before a people’s court.
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Peru declares emergency over cold weather

Seasonal deaths

By Dan Collyns BBC News, Lima

The state of emergency was declared in 16 of Peru’s 24 regions.

This week Peru’s capital, Lima, recorded its lowest temperatures in 46 years at 8C, and the emergency measures apply to several of its outlying districts.

In Peru’s hot and humid Amazon region, temperatures dropped as low as 9C. The jungle region has recorded five cold spells this year.

Hundreds of people – nearly half of them very young children – have died of cold-related diseases, such as pneumonia – BBC

The Peruvian govt. is trying in vain to contact Mr. “Hot Air” Gore.

The govt. believes only Gore can save Peru. The hope is, by using his ability to blow mass amounts of hot air,  Mr. Gore can push back the cold and save Peru. If you know the whereabouts of “Big AL” please contact him  and ask him to call Peru immediately.

Global Warming Denial


I would like to thank the folks at Global warming denial for including this blog in their list. Inclusion with the many great organizations who work so hard to expose the Fraud of  MMGW/Climate Change, is truly an honour.

Denialist Projects

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Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era

Space and Science Research Center P.O. Box 607841  Orlando, FL 32860                                                                                                  407-394-9089 Press Release SSRC 2-2010 Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era

Monday, May 10, 2010

11:30 AM

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), the leading independent research organization in the United States on the subject of the next climate change, issues today the following warning of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US and Canada:

Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period. As the Earth’s current El Nino dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun’s historic reduction in output, the on-going “solar hibernation.”  In follow-up to the specific global temperature forecast posted in SSRC Press Release 4-2009, the SSRC advises that in order to return to the long term decline slope from the current El Nino induced high temperatures, a significant global cold weather re-direction must occur. According to SSRC Director John Casey, “The Earth typically makes adjustments in major temperature spikes within two to three years. In this case as we cool down from El Nino, we are dealing with the combined effects of this planetary thermodynamic normalization and the influence of the more powerful underlying global temperature downturn brought on by the solar hibernation. Both forces will present the first opportunity since the period of Sun-caused global warming period ended to witness obvious harmful agricultural impacts of the new cold climate. Analysis shows that food and crop derived fuel will for the first time, become threatened in the next two and a half years. Though the SSRC does not get involved with short term weather prediction, it would not be unusual to see these ill-effects this year much less within the next 30 months.”

The SSRC further adds that the severity of this projected near term decline may be on the order of 0.9 C to 1.1 C from present levels. Surprising cold weather fronts will adversely impact all northern grain crops including of course wheat and the corn used in ethanol for automotive fuel.

In pointing out the importance and reliability of this new temperature forecast and its effects on North American crops, Director Casey adds,” The SSRC has been the only US independent research organization to correctly predict in advance three of the most important events in all of climate science history. We accurately announced beforehand, the end of global warming, a long term drop in the Earth’s temperatures and most importantly the advent of a historic drop in the Sun’s output, a solar hibernation. The US government’s leading science organizations, NASA and NOAA have completely missed all three, as of course have United Nations climate change experts. It is only because of the amount of expected criticism we received because of our strong opposition to the Obama administration’s climate change policies and our declaration of the end of global warming, that the SSRC is not more fully accepted for its leadership role in climate change forecasting. The facts and reliability surrounding our well publicized predictions however stand as testament to the SSRC’s proven ability to understand the nature of global climate change. In view of the importance of this new forecast I have notified the Secretary of Agriculture to take immediate actions to prepare the nation’s agricultural industry for the coming crop damage.”

The SSRC places only one caveat on this forecast. Casey elaborates, “Only a stronger solar cycle with a period longer than the 206 year cycle can cause us to alter our projections. Although more research is needed in this area, none have yet shown themselves. The present hibernation is proceeding in almost lock step as the last one which occurred from 1793 to 1830. If it continues on present course, while the cold weather impacts on food and fuel announced today are certainly important, they do not compare with what is to follow later. At the bottom of the cold cycle of this hibernation in the late 2020’s and 2030’s there will likely be years with devastating to total crop losses in the Canadian and northern US grain regions.”

Letter to USDA Secretary Vilsack

Press Release SSRC 1-2010

SSRC Research Report 1-2010 (Preliminary)

Press Release SSRC 5-2009

Letter To Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Members

Press Release SSRC 4-2009

Press Release SSRC 3-2009

Letter to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro

Press Release SSRC 2-2009

Press Release SSRC 1-2009