When Electricity Made Sense

Premier, Dalton McGuinty Talks About Renewable Energy For Ontario

Coal Will Remain King

Clean Energy Will Lag Behind Global Power Demand: Chart of Day - Bloomberg.comThe CHART OF THE DAY shows a widening gap between power generated with renewable fuels and total consumption. That means coal-fired plants, which are cheaper and more polluting, will increase their share in the energy mix, discharging extra heat- trapping emissions that threaten … Continue reading Coal Will Remain King

Energy Policy ‘Too Wind Focused’

Editor:  The UK is calling for more coal and nuclear. But here in Ontario,  Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman just keep on jambing up the wind farms even though anyone with an ounce of sense  should know better. Listen up Dalton and George, it's over, everyone but you two seen to get the picture. Quit … Continue reading Energy Policy ‘Too Wind Focused’

Ontario Goes Green – Green Homes

The McGuinty govt. of Ontario has gone all the way in an attempt to save the planet by introducing the "Green Homes Plan" In order to be truly Green, no manufactured building materials will be allowed in new homes. Here are just a couple of the new models that will be available soon. This home … Continue reading Ontario Goes Green – Green Homes

Video Report – What to Expect From Renewable Energy

The Ontario govt. has passed Bill 150/Green Energy Act. The act not only removes the rights of Municipal govt., it also puts the economy of Ont. in real jeopardy.

Al Gore Exposed by Congress Global Warming

Gore is and always has been a con man.  Google Al Gore and Enron or Al Gore and Maurice Strong.  The Liberal Party of Ontario is involved in the scam. Either that or McGuinty and his party  are completely stupid. Either way, they must change direction or be brought to justice. Watch Gore squirm in … Continue reading Al Gore Exposed by Congress Global Warming