Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Between Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne

Canada Live November 4th 2012

On this edition we discuss many topics of concern to Canadians. Harper and the China trade agreement, David Suzuki, Global Warming, International Soil Day and the Ontario Liberal Leadership Race Between Glen Murray and Kathleen Wynne. Our discussion on the Liberal leadership race begins at the 30 minute mark of the show.

A case of high treason as Stephen Harper and Paul Martin declare a loss of Canadian sovereignty

Property-Assessed Payments for Energy Retrofits: Recommendations for Regulatory Change and Optimal Program Features

This report was made possible by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
The author extends appreciation to the staff of the David Suzuki Foundation for their contributions, guidance and dedicated support of this work.


David Suzuki is a UN/Globalist minion who wants destroy your property rights among other things. Maurice Strong, a high-ranking globalist UN criminal is an honorary board member of the Suzuki foundation.

The UN Conference on Human Settlements held in 1976 in Vancouver was extremely clear about property rights. The Preamble says:

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable….”

You think your cost of electricity is high now? Mr. Suzuki and friends don’t think so. As UN/Globalist minions, they are more than happy to follow UN directives in the continued effort to destroy your right of property, your life and your Country.

From the Document –

Ratcheting-up of Building and Appliance/Equipment Energy-Efficiency Standards
The timed ratcheting-up of building and appliance performance standards “so that the current best in class become minimum requirements in a few years”, as noted by Ashok Gupta of the Natural Resources Defense Council,112 would encourage greater energy efficiency on an ongoing basis. Ontario’s Building Code incorporates both energy and water conservation measures. Code authorities also could consider regulating plug loads.

Download and read the document

Same document available at the UN 

You may wish to contact Suzuki and ask him some hard questions –

David Suzuki Foundation
2211 West 4th Avenue, Suite 219
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6K 4S2
Tel 604.732.4228
Fax 604.732.0752

Read the petition sent to the Federal Auditor General written by the same anti-Canadian globalist trash

When Electricity Made Sense

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Premier, Dalton McGuinty Talks About Renewable Energy For Ontario

Chemtrails or Geo-engineering?

Call them Chemtrails or Geo-engineering, your choice. Regardless of  the terminology used, one indisputable fact remains. Someone is spraying us.

Videos shot in and around the town of Kincardine Ontario over the last few years. (we still take video, but after so many, what’s the point)

The first video is actually the second video made. Hopefully it gives you pause to ask some questions.

Yes Johnny, MMGW is a fraud. The wind turbines are a fraud. Their purpose is to save us from the first fraud……… MMGW. Why the Chemtrails? I’ll let you figure that out yourself.


Sylvia Jones Introduces Bill to Ensure Local Say in Wind Energy Projects


I received this via email today.

(Queen’s Park) –“Today I introduced a bill at the Legislature to give Ontario municipalities and local residents a voice in the planning of wind energy projects,” said Sylvia Jones, MPP (Dufferin-Caledon).

Under the Liberal’s Green Energy Act, 2009, new wind projects will be built with no municipal planning control and limited public input. Jones wants to restore the traditional municipal planning oversight role with her Planning Amendment Act (Renewable Energy Undertakings), 2010.

“The Progressive Conservative Party and I raised concerns about the Green Energy Act from the very beginning,” said Jones. “My private members bill will return the power for planning renewable energy projects to municipalities who can be responsive to the needs of the community.”

“Municipalities know what works best for them,” said Jones. “The planning process is not new. Municipal planning has worked well in the past, and if given the opportunity can work well in the future. The voices of our communities and concerned Ontarians should not be shut down.”

Jones’ bill amends the Planning Act to reverse the effect of the amendments made to the Planning Act by Schedule K to the Green Energy Act, 2009. Those amendments exempted renewable energy undertakings from the normal application of the Planning Act, including policy statements, provincial plans, official plans, demolition control by-laws, zoning by-laws and development permit regulations and by-laws.

“The Green Energy Act shows little respect to municipalities and Ontario families,” said Jones. “I want to give residents across Ontario the power to refine renewable energy projects for their community.”

For more information:
Ashley Hammill   (416) 325-1898


Having run as an Independent in the 2007  Ont. Provincial election and  knowing the contents of the Conservative election platform, understanding this email is easy.  It’s called “controlled opposition”.

The Politicians understand that the average voter is………well, dumber than a box of rocks.

Especially when you consider – the Conservatives promised to  install more wind than the Liberals, if elected

So, why would any Conservative member come out against a piece of legislation they would have more than likely implemented themselves?


It’s a false Hope – but, to the dumbed down masses, a false hope is better than nothing. It’s not of course, but they don’t understand that.

The Harris Conservatives worked hard to destroy Ont. for eight years. (Harris is a Bilderberger)

The people were angry, rightfully so, and they threw out Harris and his band of Agenda21/NWO criminals.

McGuinty and the Liberals promised to make things right if elected. Instead they continued to carry out Agenda 21/NWO.

Today, nearing the end of the Liberals second term, the people of Ont. are angry once again and can’t wait to throw out McGuinty and his band of Agenda 21/NWO criminals.

Now we have the Conservatives offering hope to those who’ve been treated with disrespect by the Liberals.

The people of Ontario will elect the Conservatives in 2011, likely with a majority.

And guess what – the Conservatives will continue  moving Agenda 21/NWO forward.

Just how stupid is the average Ontarian?

George Carlin put it this way “the politicians are there to give you the idea you have a choice – you don’t”.


Comments from the Wind Concerns Ontario website,  a 42 group coalition  fighting wind farms in Ont. They actually put the above  Conservative bunk on their website.

Here are some comments- This is mind-blowing stuff. Are these people really fighting wind farms, is WCO part of the controlled opposition, or are they just plain stupid.

The jury is out……….anyway here’s some comments-

-Thank you for doing this. I will be following the outcome of the bill you introduced to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

-yes, finally someone with a bit of common sense.

-I appreciate this effort, but this does not ensure that municipalities will site turbines at distances that can safeguard people. Just have a look at the Town or Essex who allowed 450 metres prior to the GEA. Nor does it ensure that a proper cost benefit analysis is done before such projects are undertaken within a municipality or that the proponent are reputable businesses upon which residents can trust to follow through with their promises. Many are nothing short of snake oil salesmen

-I have to echo ruralgrubby here. Our township is very pro wind, for several stupid reasons. They were supportive of moratoriums eleswhere…just not in their township! Yeah, try try reasoning with that. Although restoring some local decision making is positive, industrial wind turbines do not belong anywhere…I want to see a bill introduced that says that.

-A very GOOD step in the RIGHT direction.
Keeping fingers crossed.

-This is a start at least. Thank you for this and I will follow with support.
Perhaps those at Queens Park will start listening to the people.

Wind Concerns Ontario – Making it way too easy for the politicians to shove Agenda 21/NWO down our collective throats.

If  Sylvia Jones was so concerned about the GEA, why has it taken her so long to introduce a private members Bill?

The 2011 election campaign is now underway!

Vote Conservative!


Agenda 21/NWO is almost complete

Read Cloak of Green and Green Agenda- top of blog

Watch Freedom 21/Agenda 21- last video on side bar

Video of Dr. Copes Speaking in Owen Sound-Wind Turbines


As you read the article that follows, pay attention to what Bill Murdoch MPP has to say. First – the Ont. Conservative Party planned to install more wind turbines than the Liberals – stated in their 2007 election platform.

Murdoch says he opposed the GEA but he never bothered to vote against it.  When his office was asked why Murdoch was not in the House for the vote his rep said he had a prior engagement.  What could be more important than voting on the removal of Municipal rights.

Murdoch is as guilty as anyone for not standing up for the people of his riding. Why was he not holding information meetings in his riding to inform and advise his constituents about the coming folly.

Why didn’t Murdoch attend the meeting held on the 1st?  It was held just down the street form his office

Gutless, or part of the Treason taking place in this province. You decide!

Posted By Denis Langlois   Owen Sound Times

It’s too late to stop the surge of wind-farm development in Ontario, even by arguing the turbines cause illness, says Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch.

“As far as what they can do about it, there really isn’t a heck of a lot,” he said yesterday.

Murdoch’s comments come a day after about 120 people attended a public meeting at the Grey Bruce Health Unit in Owen Sound about health effects of wind turbines.

The Progressive Conservative MPP said residents’ concerns will likely fall on deaf ears of policy makers and Liberal cabinet ministers at Queen’s Park, since the Green Energy Act is now law.

Asked what people can do, Murdoch initially said “not a thing. It’s over. It’s a law.”

Later, he said concerned residents can write to Premier Dalton McGuinty or the Ontario Ministry of Health. Letters to Murdoch’s office will be forwarded, he said.

“They’re pretty much euchred. I don’t know where they can go. Some will say (I) can do something about it. There’s not a thing I can do about it. It’s a law,” he said.

People who believe the giant wind turbines cause illness can seek medical attention from a doctor, retain a lawyer and sue, Murdoch said, but that will likely be a “waste of money.”

Emotions ran high at Thursday’s public meeting, which the health unit organized to provide wind turbine information to residents.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ray Copes, a director at the Ontario Agency of Health Protection and Promotion, was heckled by the crowd several times after his one-hour slide presentation revealed little new information.

People took exception to Copes’ characterization of health impacts caused by turbines as an “annoyance” and his claim no proof exists linking illness to wind turbines.

People opposed to wind farms say turbines cause health problems such as chronic sleep disturbance, dizziness, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, irritability, nausea and ringing in ears.

Medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn said she is aware “suffering” is being attributed to turbines, but has no power to make or influence changes to the Green Energy Act. The health unit cannot perform in-depth studies on health claims either, she said.

Lynn criticized the act at the public meeting, saying “we need more choices” since it strips local municipalities of the authority to make decisions about turbine setbacks. The act requires a 550-metre setback from a turbine to residential properties.

Murdoch said he opposed the act at Queen’s Park for that reason.

Progressive Conservatives MPPs voted against it and Murdoch said perhaps a change in government would lead to some changes. The next provincial election is in 2011.

“There’s going to be a lot of wind turbines put up in the next two years, I would assume, within the context of that law,” he said.

The province has promised to eliminate coal-fired power by 2014 and add 975 wind turbines by 2012.

A second public meeting, organized by the health unit, is scheduled for Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Walkerton’s Jubilee Hall.

Wind Farms – Another Ontario Government Betrayal



Another Ontario Government Betrayal

Toronto, September 24, 2009The newest regulations governing industrial wind turbine 550 meter setbacks through the Green Energy Act are a betrayal of all the people of rural Ontario.  Wind Concerns Ontario stands by its demand that the government of Ontario listen to the victims of industrial wind development and the concerns of those soon to be affected throughout the whole province.

Since February 2009, over one hundred men, women and children living near industrial-scale wind installations have developed serious health side effects such as cardiac arrhythmia, vertigo, chronic migraines, nosebleeds and depression. The most common problem reported is sleep deprivation which has caused cognitive problems for numerous victims.

Health issues surrounding industrial wind turbines are not restricted to Ontario. In Maine Dr. Michael A.Nissenbaum has reported almost identical symptoms with patients there. Health problems have arisen in Japan. In New York Dr. Nina Pierpont has published a peer-reviewed study of Wind Turbine Syndrome. In Britain, Dr. Amanda Harry calls for distances no less than 1.5 miles.  The Minnesota Department of Health calls for stricter regulations and setbacks from homes. In Europe the distances of industrial-scale developments, most of which are smaller than anything in Ontario, are as far as 2 km from homes.

In Ontario victims living as far away as 1200 meters are suffering from heart palpitations and stress as well as sleep disturbance.

Last April, Premier Dalton McGuinty declared that his government would use best practices in moving forward with wind development, but has neither moved forward nor lived up to his promise of best practices. He has failed to comprehend the seriousness of his actions in spite of the fact that people are abandoning their homes because they have become uninhabitable. Dr. Robert McMurtry, former Dean of Medicine for University of Western Ontario states, “This is neither morally nor legally defensible. As soon as possible it will be brought before the courts.”

On the Ministry of Environment website it stated: “The ministry is also proposing that as a condition of approval for wind turbine projects, proponents would be required to monitor and address any perceptible infrasound (vibration) or low frequency noise as a condition of the Renewable Energy Approval.”  Meanwhile victims’ homes have been purchased by developers and their voices have been silenced through legal means. Senior  Liberal policy advisors have stated however that the “…ministry does not encourage buyouts of victims by developers.” Yet that is exactly what is happening.  This type of resolution is tragic and unacceptable.

Along with a health survey conducted by Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of 35 grassroots volunteer organizations representing thousands of Ontarians, WCO hired an acoustician to evaluate the noise levels at several homes near current wind developments. The noise levels at those homes were well above the approved Ministry of Environment Noise Guidelines from October 2008. The new 40 decibel at night level is 15 decibels over the level recommended by many specialists worldwide. Still more wind developments have been approved based on those old recommendations. This action is not justified.

Independent health studies of real patients must be conducted. A promised research chair to examine negative health effects exposed by Wind Concerns Ontario and others has not materialized.