Wind Farm Scam Exposed at the Woodford Conference part 2

Ron Stephens exposes the wind farm scam as part of the plan to run people off the land and into human settlements.
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Ron Stephens ‘Why Wind Farms?’

WIND FARMS EXPOSED as a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT land grab and economic scheme based on carbon tax/credits, Wind Energy & U.N. Agenda 21 explained in a presentation by Ron Stephens at the ‘What is Truth Conference’ in Woodford, Ontario, Canada (19/12/2010)

Toronto Truth Seekers –

MORE VIDEO FOOTAGE of the Woodford Truth Conference COMING SOON…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Youth who research Find Truth

First video is from a young Canadian exposing Gore and Global Warming

Second video from young American exposing T Boone Pickens wind farms and politicians

ARB ruling on wind power noise sets precedent


I’ve added a couple of videos I shot. Until all councils stand against the fraud that is wind energy, nothing will change. If your local council refuses to fight this scourge then they must be replaced. The Municipal elections will be held this Oct.  Want change? Run in the election for a Council seat or Mayor – or, quit bitching about the inaction of your local council.

Aaron: ARB ruling on wind power noise sets precedent

January 9, 2010 Bob Aaron

In a precedent setting move, a recently discovered decision of the provincial Assessment Review Board (ARB) has cut a homeowner’s assessment in half because the house is located near a noisy hydro substation. The hydro plant serves a nearby wind farm producing “clean” electricity.

The decision of ARB member Ana Cristina Marques was issued following an appeal by Paul Thompson of the assessment on his house.

Thompson’s one-storey home is located on the 10th Line in Amaranth Township. It was built in 1989 and sits on a lot with a frontage of 183 feet (55.7 metres) and a depth of 240 feet (73.15 metres).

In 2008, the Municipal Property Assessment Corp. assessed the 1,320-square-foot house at $255,000. Thompson agreed with the assessment except for one thing: The house sits across the road from a Canadian Hydro Developers transformer station. The station converts the output of the nearby Melancthon I wind plant into electricity for the Ontario power grid.

Thompson told me last month that the station emits a “wicked buzz” all day, every day, and that’s what prompted him to appeal his assessment.

Evidence presented to the board at Thompson’s appeal revealed that in April 2005, the township of Amaranth rezoned a 6.07 hectare (15-acre) parcel across the road from Thompson’s home for the purpose of construction of a transformer station.

The station was built 360 metres (1,181 feet) away from Thompson’s house. According to the Ontario Power Authority website, it serves the Melancthon I Wind Plant, a 67.5 MW facility in the southern portion of the Melancthon Township, Dufferin County, near the Town of Shelburne.

The first phase of the project utilizes 45 wind turbines. It became operational in March 2006, and the second and much larger phase (88 turbines) began producing electricity in March 2008.

The Ontario Power Authority website says that “manufacturers of modern wind turbines have … reduced noise levels to that of a quiet whisper.”

That may be so, but evidence at the ARB hearing showed that the power station associated with Melancthon I produced a constant hum measured at more than 40 decibels in Thompson’s home. (According to a 1999 World Health Organization report, sleep disturbance occurs when there is a continuous noise exceeding its indoor guideline value of 30 decibels.)

Thompson introduced evidence at the hearing showing that the transformer station noise was audible within the house with the windows closed. He described the noise as a “nightmare” and a constant nuisance that not only affects his day-to-day activity, but also impacts the sales value and marketability of his property.

In reaching its decision to cut his assessment in half, board member Marques wrote, “The Board finds that the constant hum alleged by Mr. Thompson does exist and significantly reduces the current value of the subject property. The best evidence is the audio portion of the CD (Exhibit No. 1) and the testimony of both parties.

“Having heard this nuisance, apparently sanctioned by the Municipality, the Board accepts Mr. Thompson’s testimony that the stigma of noise contamination has a negative impact on the value and marketability of the property, and that after learning of the hum, prospective purchasers will quickly lose interest in purchasing the property. The Board is satisfied that a very substantial reduction is warranted.”

As I see it, Thompson’s successful appeal of his assessment is only the first of many similar cases that are certain to follow. The result, of course, will be a significant reduction in the tax base of municipalities like Amaranth, which play host to wind turbine farms.

And now that the ARB, an arm of the Ontario government, has upheld a claim for loss of property value due to the proximity of a hydro substation and a wind farm, can a host of court cases and class action lawsuits for noise contamination and property devaluation be far behind?

Bob Aaron is a Toronto real estate lawyer and board member of the Tarion Warranty Corp.

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Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Police Assault Woman at Wind Meeting in Durham Ont.


On Dec 7th, at a ‘wind farm’ information meeting in Durham Ont., the unthinkable happened. In the Province of Ontario a 52 year old woman was assaulted for having in her possession several small signs – ” ‘Health Studies BEFORE Wind Turbines’.

What makes this story even more chilling is the fact  govt. is paying both the police and the wind industry via your tax dollars.  While the industry runs roughshod over the rights of those who call Rural Ont. home, it appears they have the complete backing of the Government of Ontario

This is  Fascism/Corporatism and it must not be tolerated by anyone in this Province – regardless of your feeling about wind energy.

“Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of state and corporate power” – Benito Mussolini


This is her story –

In an extremely surreal moment, there I was, 5′1″, 52 years old, a mom who home-schooled one child, ran another to piano and flute lessons weekly, dedicated county nursing home employee for over a decade, advocate for health and safety re industrial wind turbines for rural families, being dragged out of the Durham Community Center by two towering ’strongarms’ because I had 4 ‘Health Studies, BEFORE Wind Turbines’, in my hand.  They said I was “disturbing the public peace”.

I walked into the room with 4 cardboard 1 x 3′ yellow ‘Health Studies BEFORE Wind Turbines’ signs stacked together intending to sit at one of the tables near the entrance to wait for friends to finish making their rounds.

The ‘cops for hire wearing West Grey Police Force uniforms’ pounced.  They told me I could not bring those signs into that room.  I was taken aback by this and said ” You are kidding, right?”

“NO”, they said, “YOU MAY NOT HAVE THOSE HERE.  YOU HAVE TO LEAVE.”  Startled, I backed up, held the signs up and told a friend that ‘they told me I can’t even have these signs here!’ (Another in attendance noted that the signs were not on sticks being waved about; that I was not threatening anyone with them, just in case you are wondering…..)

In a flash the two cops possibly weighing a combined 580 lbs., each had one of my arms so that I couldn’t move at all, were forcibly ripping the signs from my hands and telling me that if I resisted I would be put in jail. They repeated that I would be put in jail if I resisted.

Some advice from the sixties floated into mind….go limp….go limp, so I did!

I don’t have time to be in jail for holding 4 ‘Health Studies BEFORE Wind Turbines’ sign in a Nextera wind company open house! Christmas is coming! I’m not ready yet!

My shoulders still hurt today.

Enbridge wind farm Kincardine Ontario

Nextera wind company had another public open house meeting in Durham on Monday, Dec. 7th so they could consult with us some more. Since they were not willing to write down information they were adamantly giving out verbally at last week’s meeting.   I took my little recorder along to save the trouble of even asking them to write it down.

There was no more talk about a 40 dBA as the noise limit.  One of the very clever West Grey councilors noted that on Nextera’s own handouts there is a chart that shows turbines sitting at the 45 dBA noise level.

People at the meeting were commenting on how they were sent from rep to rep in the vain hope that one of them would have an answer to their questions. I was having the same difficulty, although some of the wind reps did say how nice it was to see me again.

My questions were:

  • Why isn’t Daniel D’Entremont able to live in his home situated next to the turbines you own? Oh, I seem to have more information on this situation than you do?
  • Are you still saying, as you did last week in Moorefield, that the noise level of the turbines you plan to build will never exceed 40 dBA at point of reception?  You’re asking why I’m recording this and what I’m planning to do with this?  What’s that, maybe we should talk to the environmental people?  We should write down our questions? You’re from Florida and you’re not an expert?
  • What studies done by health professionals on human beings do you use to show that the turbines are safe to site within 2km of people?
  • Can you tell me what mitigation you offer if there are health issues after turbines start up?
  • What are people supposed to do if turbines are over the 40 dBA (or as the chart indicates, 45 dBA) level?  Yes, I’m recording this.  You won’t answer anything when I’m recording your answer? Why?
  • If we write our questions down on the survey you’ve provided, will you answer those questions personally?  As long as we provide contact information?  Yes, that’s fine.  (This is the only question I got a direct answer to.  Unfortunately, I was unable to hand in the neatly filled out form I had completed.  I can only hope they found it on the table at cleanup time….)

One fellow asked if anyone was interested in having a more ‘public’ forum so that all could hear answers to questions people were asking.  Apparently, that was not possible because the wind company wanted to ‘present the information in a way that people could ask questions and get answers’.  (huh?)

After that exchange, one of the WAG group members asked if they could have the ‘Health Studies BEFORE Wind Turbines’ signs they had asked me to bring.  I was very happy to accommodate this request,  I brought the signs into the lobby, counted off 25 for them and had 4 signs left over.

Do you know that, rather than traipse across the parking lot on a cold winter’s night to return those 4 signs to my car,  I had the utter GALL to go into the Nextera public open house in the local community center with the leftover signs?

Wind Turbines and Health Walkerton Presented by Grey-Bruce Health


More smoke and mirrors by a panel of people who should hang their heads in shame as industry continues it’s unrelenting march across Rural Ontario.

Part 1


Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Grey Bruce Health Unit in Owen Sound about health effects of wind


As you read this article pay attention to what Bill Murdoch MPP has to say. First – the Ont. Conservative Party planned to install more wind turbines than the Liberals – stated in their 2007 election platform. Murdoch says he opposed the GEA but he never bothered to vote against it.  When his office was asked why Murdoch was not in the House for the vote his rep said he had a prior engagement.  What could be more important than voting on the removal of Municipal rights.

Murdoch is as guilty as anyone for not standing up for the people of his riding. Why was he not holding information meeting in his riding to inform and advise his constituents about the coming folly.

Why didn’t Murdoch attend the meeting held on the 6th?  It was held just down the street form his office

Gutless, or part of the Treason taking place in this province. You decide!

Posted By Denis Langlois   Owen Sound Times

It’s too late to stop the surge of wind-farm development in Ontario, even by arguing the turbines cause illness, says Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch.

“As far as what they can do about it, there really isn’t a heck of a lot,” he said yesterday.

Murdoch’s comments come a day after about 120 people attended a public meeting at the Grey Bruce Health Unit in Owen Sound about health effects of wind turbines.

The Progressive Conservative MPP said residents’ concerns will likely fall on deaf ears of policy makers and Liberal cabinet ministers at Queen’s Park, since the Green Energy Act is now law.

Asked what people can do, Murdoch initially said “not a thing. It’s over. It’s a law.”

Later, he said concerned residents can write to Premier Dalton McGuinty or the Ontario Ministry of Health. Letters to Murdoch’s office will be forwarded, he said.

“They’re pretty much euchred. I don’t know where they can go. Some will say (I) can do something about it. There’s not a thing I can do about it. It’s a law,” he said.

People who believe the giant wind turbines cause illness can seek medical attention from a doctor, retain a lawyer and sue, Murdoch said, but that will likely be a “waste of money.”

Emotions ran high at Thursday’s public meeting, which the health unit organized to provide wind turbine information to residents.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ray Copes, a director at the Ontario Agency of Health Protection and Promotion, was heckled by the crowd several times after his one-hour slide presentation revealed little new information.

People took exception to Copes’ characterization of health impacts caused by turbines as an “annoyance” and his claim no proof exists linking illness to wind turbines.

People opposed to wind farms say turbines cause health problems such as chronic sleep disturbance, dizziness, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, irritability, nausea and ringing in ears.

Medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn said she is aware “suffering” is being attributed to turbines, but has no power to make or influence changes to the Green Energy Act. The health unit cannot perform in-depth studies on health claims either, she said.

Lynn criticized the act at the public meeting, saying “we need more choices” since it strips local municipalities of the authority to make decisions about turbine setbacks. The act requires a 550-metre setback from a turbine to residential properties.

Murdoch said he opposed the act at Queen’s Park for that reason.

Progressive Conservatives MPPs voted against it and Murdoch said perhaps a change in government would lead to some changes. The next provincial election is in 2011.

“There’s going to be a lot of wind turbines put up in the next two years, I would assume, within the context of that law,” he said.

The province has promised to eliminate coal-fired power by 2014 and add 975 wind turbines by 2012.

A second public meeting, organized by the health unit, is scheduled for Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Walkerton’s Jubilee Hall.